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Ireland Collects Increased Tax Revenue from Slot Machines

Round Head IconAugust 9, 2018 - CasinoBloke

In 2017, Ireland’s total tax revenue from slot machines increases by almost €1 million when compared to the figures from 2016.

According to Ireland’s Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe, the number of Gaming Machines licences increases too with 9,612 licenses issued in 2017, while in 2016, 6,088 Gaming Machine licences were issued. Total revenue of €1.8 million was collected in 2016 while collected tax revenue for 2017 was €2.7 million.

Results of Ongoing Project

Answering to the question posed by Deputy Paul Murphy on the National Parliament (Oireachtas) official site, Donohoe said that gaming machines, which were made available for play in a public place, must have a valid Excise licence issued by Revenue according to the Finance Act 1975. If a gaming machine is available for play without a proper licence displayed, it can be forfeited by the authorities.

In his written answer, Minister for Finance also said that Revenue had started a national compliance project on the gaming and amusement machine sector in 2017. The project was designed to identify and tackle non-compliance with tax and excise licensing obligations and is ongoing across all regions.  So far, Revenue officials visited 285 separate premises to check out if the operators held Excise licences, Donohoe stated in his answer.

€1.1 Million in Additional Taxes Collected

Ireland media reported last month that a number of premises had received enforcement letters warning them to remove machines or face seizure. According to an unnamed Office of Revenue Commissioners representative, they have collected €1.1 million in additional taxes as a result of the project activities such as site visits and enforcement letters sent to premises.

According to the Revenue representative, they cannot provide further details of the operation as the project is ongoing. However, he emphasised that Revenue was intent on addressing all forms of licensing non-compliance in the gaming and amusement sector.

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