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Japan Limits the Number of Casino Visits

Round Head IconJune 26, 2017 - CasinoBloke

The National Diet of Japan is striving to restrict the number of visits to casinos, for both Japanese and foreigners. As reported by the local media, the government has moved to the second phase of casino legalisation process by setting the principles to regulate growing casino industry.

The number of casino visits will be monitored by My Number identification card that each customer will be required to show when entering into the casino or any other gambling facility. As for those who are only visiting Japan and want to gamble, passport or any other identity document will be required.

Though the actual number of visits that will be allowed to customers is still not determined, the government is planning to carry it out on weekly and monthly basis. According to the intended rules, all self-declared gambling addicts, those whose families declared them so, juveniles and members of criminal groups will have limited access to casino gaming floors.

To Gamble Or Not To Gamble

It had been discussed over years whether the gambling legalisation is good for the country or not, until it was finally approved last year. Therefore, government’s plan to limit the number of casino visits doesn’t seem odd, as it comes as a desire to curb the gambling at the very initial phase of its development.

Now that the Integrated Resorts Promotion Bill is approved, Japanese government is now working on another legislative proposal, meant to regulate the legalised gambling industry. That would be the Integrated Resorts Implementation Bill, that is still a work in progress and whose details are expected to be revealed in August. Along with it, the number of weekly and monthly visits should be determined.

Legislation to Prevent Gambling-related Issues

Biggest concern that comes with gambling legalisation is certainly the possibility for increased number of gambling addicts, as well as gambling-related crimes in the country. The government hopes that thorough and planned development, alongside with strict legislation will focus the new industry in the right direction.

The only allowed options for gambling in Japan are Pachinko slot-like machines, offering monetary prizes, various types of betting and lotteries, but with upcoming expansion of casino gambling, the government has grounds for greater concern.

Gambling and Tourism

Though the Implementation Bill will probably be voted into law in 2017, first casino resorts in Japan are anticipated for 2022. It seems that Tokyo Summer Olympics will pass without established casino industry, due to belated legislation processes.

Anyhow, gambling industry is seen as a big potential for boosting tourism in Japan, especially in time of big sporting events.

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