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Poker Player to Eat $1,000 Worth of McDonald’s Food in 36 hours

Round Head IconUpdated May 5, 2020 - CasinoBloke

Mike Noori is a professional poker player, but his skills and his poker face won’t be of much help in his latest endeavor.

The whole idea is bizarre – to say the least – and the man behind it is none other than the World Poker Tour executive, Matt Savage.

Noori will have 36 hours to eat $1,000 worth of McDonald’s food, with certain rules and restrictions in force.

The Rules

For starters, Noori can’t spend more than $200 on salads. $300 will go on hot food items, while $50 will be allocated only for burgers.

He will not be able to remove any items from the order, but he is free to add whatever he wants to requested items and he must eat everything that comes with the order, apart from the packaging and a toy.

The food must be consumed in its original state, meaning the use of a blender is not allowed.

Finally, he is free to puke as much as he wishes to, unless he forces it himself. The drinks don’t count, which is a good thing, since he’ll need plenty of liquid to wash down all that food.

An Impossible Task?

The average healthy male consumes 2,500 calories on daily basis on average. During a medical research, six guys ate 6,000 calories a day, for seven successive days. They gained weight, developed insulin resistance and developed liver complications.

Morgan Spurlock, the star of a 2004 Super Size Me documentary, ate 5,000 calories per day, gained weight, with his cholesterol skyrocketing and he completely lost his libido.

This is important to know since Noori plans to eat over 66,000 calories in 36 hours – nearly 2,000 calories per hour!

We couldn’t find an answer what would happen to him afterwards, but the mere notion of eating so many calories in such a short time span sounds impossible.

Although more than $200,000 in bets has been already made, Noori will have only a small piece of it. If he doesn’t succeed, and survives the whole ordeal, he’ll have to pay the $1,000 bill.

Maybe he should have sticked to playing poker.

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