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Two Cloudbet Players Scoop 140 BTC on Live Roulette

Round Head IconNovember 12, 2018 - CasinoBloke

Two lucky players scooped over 140 BTC (£691,800) while playing Live Roulette at Cloudbet Casino. One of the most reputable Bitcoin casinos on the market accepts high stakes on live dealer tables. Stay with us to learn more about the winners’ playing strategies and what it takes to win big.

Lightning Roulette Pays 49 BTC in a Single Spin

In October, a lucky player hit a whopping 49 BTC (£234,200) in a single spin while playing Lightning Roulette. The Evolution-powered live dealer table has taken the industry by storm thanks to multipliers going up to 500x. The winner made use of an additional chance to win and hit a mind-blowing prize. That’s not all, as, by the end of the session, the winner hit a total of 87 BTC (£429,700).

Lady Luck was obviously on their side since the winner’s straight up bet in Lightning Roulette resulted in a 500:1 payout. And after winning the first multiplier, the lucky Cloudbet customer almost doubled their winnings, cashing in a total of 87 BTC in a lucky streak.

Commenting on the big prize hit at Cloudbet, Head of Acquisition Mirio Mella said that it was great to see another player walk away with a life-changing amount of Bitcoin.

“Lightning Roulette is certainly one of our most fun and exciting casino games so I’m sure it won’t be long before someone else scoops another jackpot,” added Mella.

Another Big Win of 53 BTC

Earlier this year, in September, another Cloudbet player won a massive 53 BTC (£261,800) prize on Live Roulette. According to the Cloudbet official announcement, the lucky roulette player took advantage of Cloudbet’s high betting limits. Although gamblers are allowed to wager only 0.001 BTC on Live Roulette, betting can go all the way up to 10 BTC per hand.

When it comes to Roulette, knowing the rules and applying the proper strategy are key to success. These will help you increase your odds and lessen losses. At Cloudbet you can practice at RNG-operated Roulette tables without risking your hard-earned money. Once you feel confident enough to wager real cash, choose one of 22 Live Roulette tables accepting bets in Bitcoin and you can end up winning big, just like the two lucky winners.

If you, too, hope to take advantage of the casino’s high betting limits and exciting sports betting and casino offersing, you can visit Cloudbet via this link.

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