Privacy Policy

Casino Bloke totally respects your privacy and takes all measures necessary to protect it. He’s also a very open individual and wants you to know how he uses information you have provided. Should you have any further questions on this subject, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for an explanation.

What we do with your personal information

While hanging out with Casino Bloke, you might share with him your email address, name and username, either by creating a user account, joining our email newsletter or contacting us directly. We only ask for these information in order to make your experience as positive as it can be. You can rest assured that what you tell us will go no further, as we’ll never sell or in any other way make the information you’ve trusted us with available to any third party.

We will, however, use it to determine what kind of information you’d like to receive from us, for example, via an email. But should you decide that what we share has little value, you’ve got the option to opt out and unsubscribe from our email newsletter.

What we do with your impersonal information

While not personal, in the sense that they don’t make you personally identifiable, you’ll still want to know what kind of data we collect and why.

Your IP Address

An IP address is Internet Protocol address which computers need to be able to communicate which each other via the Internet. The same way someone needs your email address to send you an email, a remote computer needs to have your IP address to make sure the data it sends will reach correct Internet destination – your computer. When your IP address is shared with the website you’re visiting, it will provide information such as the country you’re residing in, information about your Internet service provider, and your language setting.

Being non-personal, such information are used internally for analyzing user trends and never link back to you as an individual. Still, we’ll treat them the same as your personal data and make sure they are fully secured.


Cookies are tiny files stored on your computer, usually created when a new webpage is loaded. Why? Cookies allow the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user, thus providing more relevant content and improving user experience. While this is exactly what we use them for, cookies provide us with no information about you as a person.

General Data Security has implemented security measures, both digital and physical, necessary to protect user data against misuse, alteration and loss.

Updates and Changes to this Privacy Policy 

We might at some point need to make updates or changes to our Privacy Policy without notifying our users. Therefore we advise that you occasionally revisit this section and make sure you’re familiar and comfortable with how we treat personal information you’ve shared with us.