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Casino Bloke was created by a small group of online gaming fans believing they can add value. With a child-like enthusiasm, we decided to join the conversation determined to provide a valuable contribution to what’s already been said.

Our personalities and lifestyles may be different, but it’s what we have in common that matters the most – extensive gaming experience, passion for everything casino-related, persistence in quest for information and unshakeable integrity.
From our first brainstorming session onwards, we had you – the player in mind. Casino Bloke was given a mission of making your gaming experience as hassle-free, safe and enjoyable as possible, and based on your feed-back over the past 12 months, we’re happy to say his contribution was appreciated.

What’s next? The mission continues! Online gaming industry keeps developing, new casinos are continuously popping up, fighting to recruit new members, software developers keep launching new and exciting casino games, and all other stakeholders contribute with upgraded solutions benefiting the industry and the players. Casino Bloke follows it all and reports accordingly. We’re counting on your feed-back to help him develop and become an even better and stronger than he is today.


Casino Bloke is the best gambling pal a player can have, or at least he strives to be. Like a true friend, he knows what you need and like and is eager to deliver. A real friend will always give you the whole story and tell nothing but the truth. They’ll protect your interests anyway they can, offer a helping hand whenever needed, and assist in solving whatever problem you might encounter. Casino Bloke is willing to do all that and more. But don’t take our word for it; test him and see if he delivers.

sHaving built enviable expertize already, Casino Bloke keeps learning in order to rightfully claim and maintain the title of the most competent casino advisor. After all, what good would all his other qualities be if he couldn’t provide the information you’re looking for? Information database keeps growing as he explores and rates online casinos, reviews new games, compiles strategies and shares relevant news.

Remaining objective at all times, Casino Bloke evaluates everything he sees and shares it without trying to make things prettier than they are. Gaming websites and software providers are his respected partners but will never get special treatment at your expense. For us, that’s important as it’s one of those things that make Casino Bloke different to all other industry experts offering their opinions via the internet.

Every successful project has a team doing its most to make it work and so does Casino Bloke. His team consists of experienced players that have visited and played at hundreds of online gaming venues. They’re fully capable of identifying strengths and weaknesses, pitfalls and opportunities online players can benefit from or should beware of.

Our time and efforts are fully employed in discovering what’s happening on the online casino scene, a luxury you may not be able to afford. Our expertise comes from years of experience you may not have had time to amass yet. And you don’t need to! That’s why we have created Casino Bloke and why we’ll go on supporting him as long as players like yourself need a gambling pal they count on.


Casino Bloke is the best gambling pal a player can have. He knows your likes and dislikes, looks after your interests and will never compromise at your expense. Supported by an experienced team, he identifies and reports on all elements likely to impact the quality of your gaming experience in an unbiased and objective manner.

Our Mission.

Our mission

Create the most comprehensive online casino guide and thus facilitate a safe, enjoyable and hassle-free gaming experience.

Our Promise

Our Promise

We'll keep digging to find everything you need to know and promptly share accurate information and unbiased reviews.

Our Principles

Our principles

Thorough. Unbiased. Unrelenting. Always, no matter what.

Our Vibe

Our vibe

We taught Casino Bloke to be approachable and friendly, attempting to groom his sense of humor without compromising his accountability.

Review Process

How Does it Work?

Initial Research


We go through all content available at the gaming site, check operating licenses and test user interface.

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Join, Bonus
& Support

We open an account, claim welcome bonus and contact support agents to test their efficiency.

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Test Games
& Cash OuT

We go through all content available at the gaming site, check operating licenses and test user interface.

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Add to Our
Casino List

We write an elaborate review with ratings of different parts of the casino's offering and publish it.


There’s a reason why people under 18 aren’t allowed to play casino games; they lack the maturity needed to decide when to stop. Unfortunately, some adults also find themselves unable to abandon a gaming session and end up spending far more than they can afford. Gambling stops being fun and becomes an addiction that takes over their entire lives. Relationships are damaged, jobs lost, houses have to be sold…

Don’t let an exciting pastime turn into a nightmare. If you think you might be developing this nasty addiction and are struggling to regain control, seek help. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; thousands of players have reached out to organizations created with a sole purpose to help those unable to gamble responsibly. A single click on the provided links will take you to their websites and enable to start a conversation you need to have. Good luck!

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