Fastest Paying Casinos

It can be frustrating enough not having any money to withdraw from your casino account, but who would think you could get just as irritated, if not more, when your balance significantly increases? We’ve seen it thousands of times – players trying to collect their winnings and having to wait for days, even weeks to get paid. There are two factors in play here: some casinos feature 2-3 days processing time as a regular deal and there’s no way you’ll get to see cash in your bank account any faster. Casino Bloke is not a big a fan of those, but he likes far less the operators who make false promises.

Internet is full of players’ complaints about money not being released within the stated time period, sometimes accompanied by casino claims that one rule or other has been broken and no payment will follow. Casino Bloke does not want that you experience any of the above. If you win fair and square, you should be able to collect as fast as physically possible. Operators allowing you to do so will find their place on the list below, providing they also perform well enough across other elements of their offering.

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How Fast Will You Get Your Cash?

You might be wandering why some online casinos take days to process your withdrawal requests, while others manage to do it within a couple of hours. Is this related to technology and manpower, or is it a conscious decision to hold onto your money for a bit longer? Why would they want to do the latter? Some operators are basically giving you time to change your mind and reverse the request, so that you actually keep playing with this cash rather than collect it. Casinos like to see money coming in, and dislike watching it leave – clear? This doesn’t mean that all of those that take couple of days to process are dodgy ones and should be avoided, and you can be sure it’s not the case with any of the gaming sites listed on Casino Bloke’s webpage.

Looks Good on Paper but Doesn’t Deliver

Because it says so on the website, doesn’t necessarily make it true. The only way to know how fast payouts really occur is to make a real withdrawal request. Obviously you can’t do that before you’ve even made a decision to open an account. Another way might be to read players’ and industry reviews and benefit from other people’s experience. The trouble is, they don’t all necessarily agree, and you’re back to the original question: who to trust? Well, we have an easy answer – Casino Bloke, of course! Seriously, we’ll do the testing for you and give you a straight answer on how long it really takes to get paid. Regardless of what the casino claims on their website.

Payment Speed vs Banking Method

You’re probably aware that the speed of your withdrawal largely depends on which banking method you use. Some will transfer cash instantly (E-wallets), while with others (Wire transfer, Check) it will take several days for money to reach your bank account. This has nothing to do with the casino and will be the same wherever you play, so just keep it in mind when making your first deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which payment methods deliver fastest?

The fastest way to collect is without doubt via E-wallets. Skrill and Neteller are nowadays so widely used that it’s almost impossible to find a gaming site which doesn’t feature them. PayPal is not so wide-spread but also enables high-speed cashouts, as in instant. Unless you want to keep your cash with PayPal and use it to pay directly for goods and services (including to fund new casino deposits), transferring the money to your bank will take a couple of days. Bitcoin is even more rarely seen but it’s already possible to find BC-exclusive gaming sites.

  1. What are KYC procedures?

KYC stands for Know Your Customer, and all online casinos have to carry out verification procedures on their depositing members. You may be requested to provide documents at the deposit and/or withdrawal stage, such as a copy of your passport, driving license and utility bills. Clearly this takes time on both sides, and while It might occasionally cause frustration, do know it’s being done primarily for your protection.

  1. Does the requested cashout amount impact withdrawal speed?

It does when the amount is above specified max withdrawal limits. If you’ve been lucky enough to win €60,000 in one go, and the casino will only pay up to €3,000 per day, it will take nearly a month to receive it all. Do note that progressive jackpots are normally not subject to standard transaction limits and usually come with their own set of payment rules.

  1. Are there any strings attached when it comes to withdrawals?

One condition you’ll always have to meet is a minimum withdrawal amount. Depending on the gaming venue and particular situation, there will be others. If bonus money was used to play, you’ll need to wager the received bonus (and potentially deposit) amount X times before making cashout request. Often T&C will state that you have to deposit X amount of cash prior to making your first withdrawal. Casino Bloke reverently checks the fine print and will inform you about all strings attached.