Live Dealer Casinos

Imagine walking into a brick-and-mortar casino buzzing with life. Players like yourself have taken comfortable positions on high chairs; they are discreetly peeking into the cards dealt by a smartly dressed lady or gentlemen wearing a name tag, while engaged in a light conversation with those sharing the same table. As uniformed hostesses glide around carrying drink trays, you scan the room to find your favourite card game. Passing by several poker tables with different bet limits, you come across one which suits you to perfection, taking a seat and greeting the dealer and other lovely people already enjoying the game. Excitement peaks; you know you’re in for an evening of pure pleasure.

While games like Roulette and Baccarat qualify as games of chance and do not allow the player to profit from good decision making, Blackjack can be referred to as the game of skill and features the lowest house edge among all casino games. Live Blackjack is even more exciting than the standard casino version due to the presence of usually very attractive female dealers and also fellow players, with high-end software platforms and impressive user interface take the entire gaming experience to a whole new level.

If you felt a tingling sensation in your gut while reading the above, chances are that launching a solitary poker or blackjack game in an online casino will fall short of meeting your gaming needs. Where’s the atmosphere, the buzz, where are other human beings you can talk to and compete against? Well, aren’t we lucky casino software developers have recognised and answered our yearning to experience the same magic without having to actually leave our homes? Casino Bloke has visited and evaluated hundreds of virtual Live Dealer Casinos, and he can now confidently recommend those which do the best job of creating the “real casino” illusion.

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Wide Range of Live Games

You might be a hard-core Baccarat player who touches nothing else, or perhaps a switcher who will happily enjoy a game of Caribbean Stud before trying to outscore the dealer at a game of Blackjack. Either way, the bigger the choice, the better. Casino Bloke believes that Live Dealer offering should not be a side dish but the main event and consequently values the operators which tempt us with dozens of live gaming options. Why get stuck in a place which offers only one variety of the four most popular table games when you can get spoilt by those providing a number of Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker variants, plus Craps, plus Sic Bo, plus… Heck, just give us more!

The Quality of Live Gaming Experience

There are actually not as few live gaming developers as you might think. About 20 different companies are making their products available on the online gaming scene these days, continuously working to add new games and upgrade the experience. Some have been at it for a while longer and it shows in the size of their portfolio as well as the quality of their games, while latecomers try to catch up and bring something unique to the table. Some make live options part of their overall offering along with slots, table games, video pokers and the rest, and others have decided to specialise and do nothing else. Obviously, the end result varies and the choice of provider(s) will have a huge impact on the quality of your live gaming experience.

While the likes of NetEnt, Ezugi, Authentic and Extreme have all been releasing some fine products of late, Evolution Gaming stands head and shoulders above the rest, constantly raising the bar when it comes to a highly rewarding live dealer experience. They have been developing games such as Live Dream Catcher, Live Lightning Roulette and Live Arabic Roulette, and Live Casinos have a nice overview of casino sites offering Evolution Gaming tables and those from other providers in case you want to get a piece of the action.

High Rollers vs Low Rollers

Having a choice also means getting to pick bet range as well as game variety. We’re not all bringing the same amount of cash to the table, but there’s no reason players with more modest bankrolls should have to leave the game too soon because they ran out of money, same as there is no reason why high rollers should be betting tens of pounds instead of hundreds and thousands if they can afford to. Live Casino which caters to both ends and those in between gets extra points from Casino Bloke.

Live Dealer Promotions

If you’re a live gaming fan, you’ll know that sadly not all online casinos offer specific live game promo deals. One-size-fits-all is never an ideal solution and it’s especially true when this gaming segment is concerned. On the positive note, there are also those which have made the effort and developed their promotional offering to include exclusive treats for Blackjack, Poker and Roulette players. Again, those are the ones your gambling pal gives higher grades to and makes sure to include them on his list.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can one play Live Dealers games for free?

Normally not. While there are a couple of developers which also offer free play option, the majority of gaming sites will require that you show up with cold hard cash if you want to face a live dealer across a Blackjack, Roulette or Poker table. Most of them will not even let you enter unless your account displays a positive balance. Still, there are some operators which will open the door and let you observe the game even before you prove you mean business. Casino Bloke makes sure to point this out if the Live Dealer casino he evaluates offers that option.

  1. Are there system requirements to be able to join Live Dealer games?

Yes, and it’s not only about your internet connection speed. Serious live gaming operators will specify minimum system requirements which need to be met for you to enjoy good quality, uninterrupted gameplay, such as RAM size (as in 1GB RAM or more), Video Card (16 MB, high resolution), Windows version, browser type and version, Adobe Flash player, and network bandwidth.

  1. Can live games be played via mobile devices?

Yes, many online casinos also offer live games on their mobile sites, though more often than not the selection of games shrinks. What you need to make sure is that games are compatible with your smartphone or tablet.

  1. How does one know live games are fair?

Live Dealer games don’t use an RNG, but they are monitored 24/7, usually recorded, plus there is a pit boss who supervises to make sure everything is done by the book.