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Those new to the world of online gaming may be coming across industry-related terms they’ve not seen before. It’s kind of like a foreign language but not too difficult to learn, especially when you’ve got Casino Bloke, a pal that speaks it fluently.

Visiting online casino scene for the very first time can make one feel as if they have entered a foreign country. Wherever they turn, there will be familiar words which in this universe clearly have a different meaning or expressions that are never, ever used in everyday life. Being bombarded by terms such as ante, craps, flop, house edge, RTP and payline without understanding what any of them mean may be intimidating.

Don’t run away, though! Even seasoned players have felt lost and confused to start with, and look them now! We have compiled a glossary of common casino terms to help you learn the basics of this weird and wonderful language before you go out and continue learning on your own.

To avoid creating further confusion, explanations are kept short and written in plain language – hopefully fully understandable even to those with zero casino experience. If you find yourself baffled by some other expressions not included in this list, let Casino Bloke know and he will make sure to add it to his casino glossary asap (as soon as possible).