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Best Live Dealer Games from Bet On Live Range by Playtech

Round Head IconOctober 29, 2021 - CasinoBloke

Slots have always been the most popular online casino games. They still are. Slot sections are the most extensive ones at every casino site. However, slots now have a strong rival. Live casino games have been booming in the past few years. Several casino content providers specialize in delivering immersive live gaming experiences from custom-built live broadcasting studios. Or, they offer premium, interactive live-streamed games from land-based casinos. Both ways provide top-notch quality and a unique feeling – you’re playing with a live dealer or host, at a live casino, but from your home.

The providers are competing on who’s going to provide the most engaging gameplay. They devise new games and even new genres. They mix slots with a live casino experience, create exciting live game shows based on popular board games or tv shows, and many more. So, combining the live dealer concept with sports betting shouldn’t surprise, right. And that’s exactly what Playtech did in its “Bet On” range of live dealer titles.

Playtech says that these games are tailored specifically for sports betting fans. Instead of playing the game in a usual way, you bet on different outcomes in each round. The bets are expressed as odds, giving you the feeling of sports betting.

So, let’s check out what’s so specific about this sports-like live offering from Playtech.

1. Bet On Poker

Bet On Poker is the first fixed-odds game by Playtech, introducing a different way of betting. It delivers a new accumulated bet feature that allows you to combine bets and create a bet slip for higher payouts. So, the immediate association that comes to your mind is sports betting. However, this is still a live poker game. With a bit of twist. You’re not playing against the dealer or other players. Your goal is to predict the results of the game rounds. It means you need to guess which poker hand will be the winning one. The game may even seem like you’re not playing poker at all but just placing bets on the things you think will happen during each round.

It’s clear that you play Playtech’s Bet On Poker differently than other live poker games. So, how do you actually play Bet On Poker? Each round is played with a 52-card deck. Cards are reshuffled before a new round begins. The game starts with an initial betting period allowing you to place a bet or several bets before the dealer draws the cards. You have 25 seconds to decide. The game has three betting types: main bets, combinations, and suits & colors. You can wager on each option individually. But, if you’re selecting the options before cards are dealt, you can choose all of them. Combination bets have better odds than three single bets.

However, you don’t need to wager immediately. You can wait to see which cards will appear on the table first. The dealer draws and puts two cards face-up to all six-hand positions on the table. Once he deals the cards, you can select new bets. When the dealer draws three community cards, you can place wagers again. Finally, the host draws two more community cards, the game is over, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll end up with a winning bet. Playtech’s Bet On Poker comes with an RTP that ranges between 95.25% and 96%. Poker fans won’t be happy to hear this, as this is lower than the standard live poker versions.

2. Bet On Baccarat

Bet On Baccarat is another Playtech release from the “Bet On” live offering. The game also features various betting options and odds that change as the game progresses. Once more, you’re trying to predict what will happen on the table, placing bets accordingly. You play Bet On Baccarat the same way as any other baccarat game. The game is played with eight 52-card decks, but there are no baccarat road maps.

So, how do you play Bet On Baccarat? First, you have 20 seconds to bet on possible outcomes listed in the betting panel. You can wager on multiple bet types. The bet slip opens to the right allowing you to see a potential win. The live dealer then draws two or three cards from the deck and places them on the player and banker positions.  The side that gets cards which total is closer or equal to nine is the winner. Simple.

Bet On Baccarat has 33 bet types you can choose from. The most familiar ones are main hand bets that include a player or banker wins, tie bet, and side bets. There are also banker pair, big and small, and either pair. If you select suits and color, you can wager whether more red or black cards will appear during the game. You can also bet on the totals of an individual or both hands combined. Egalite bets allow you to predict which type of tie will happen. These bets range from Tie on Zero up to Tie on Nine. It means that you’re guessing if there will be a 0-0 tie, or maybe 9-9. The payouts from these best are higher than other bet types.

The entertaining part of the game is that you’ll see bets as odds expressed in decimals, just like in sports betting. After all, these games are appealing to sports fans, right. If you’re not one of them, you’ll learn the sports betting system quickly. Bet On Baccarat has an RTP that ranges from 96.24% to 97%, which is less than other standard live baccarat games.

3. Bet On Dragon Tiger

The last game in this intriguing Playtech’s “Bet On” series is exotic Bet On Dragon Tiger. As with the previous two games, you’re wagering on different results from each round. So, instead of placing chips on Dragon, Tiger, or Tie positions, you’re selecting bet types from a panel to the left. And similarly to Bet On Poker and Bet on Baccarat, you’ll see a ticket with your bets, odds, and possible win. Again, instead of the usual casino bet types, the game features odds displayed in decimals.

The game is played with eight card decks that are pre-shuffled. The dealing shoe is changed after half of the cards from the deck have been used. Once this happens, the live dealer will announce that you’ll continue to play the game with a new deck in the next round. When a new set of cards arrives at the table, the used cards are removed.

Dragon Tiger is pretty simple to play. The dealer draws two cards. One goes to the dragon side and the other to the tiger side. The cards are compared, and the one with a higher value wins.  However, in Bet On Dragon Tiger, you’ll be placing bets on the possible outcomes instead of playing Drago Tiger itself.

The betting time is 20 seconds so use the quick bet mode to place a stake at the same amount. The betting panel shows the bet name, odds value, and your stake. You can decide to select just one bet or all of them if you wish. Once you confirm the selection (by clicking the + next to each option), it will appear in a bet slip to the right. There are 11 bets in total. Some of them are dragon, tiger, tie, dragon odd, tiger odd, dragon even, tiger even, dragon big, and tiger big. Each bet type has different odds depending on the previously drawn cards and the likelihood of winning. Needles to say, the higher the odds, the better the payout.

If you like these sports-inspired live dealer games, check out the online casinos with Playtech live casino suit we recommend to you.

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