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Pick & Click Features in Online Slots

Round Head IconFebruary 28, 2022 - CasinoBloke

The move of gambling from casino floors to online sites can be considered a revolution in terms of how slots work. The wider audiences and the lack of technical limitations mean that slot-makers are able to experiment more than ever before. Innovations in new slot games pop up all the time, and new features are constantly being invented.

The Pick & Click feature is one such bonus option that many top slots incorporate into their mechanics. Let’s take a look at what Pick and Click means and how to use it.

What is Pick and Click in Online Slots?

Pick & Click is a form of gamification in online slots, typically implemented as a bonus round feature. The concept behind Pick and Click is quite simple, reminiscent of TV game shows and such. The goal is to introduce a new and fun bonus to the base slot game.

Pick and Click usually presents a player with multiple possible rewards or prizes. All of them are hidden until you click them, so you never know quite what you’re getting. It’s a “mystery prize” type of casino game feature that can be fun and exciting.

Not only does it Pick & Click present a break from typical reel spinning, but it also puts more control into the player’s hands. As such, it can be considered a form of slot gamification.

An important note before we explain how Pick and Click works in online slots, though. Just like online slot machines themselves, this feature is by no means uniform. Different games offer different kinds of Pick & Click features, some of which are quite different from standard offers.

In fact, almost every feature of this kind works differently. The reasoning is simple – basic slot gameplay is relatively minimalistic you can’t easily change the core of how online slots work. However, every casino game out there tries to be original and memorable. That’s why distinguishing features are typically presented as extras and bonuses, such as the Click & Pick. No two such bonuses are the same and they’re usually modeled to fit the game’s theme and mechanics.

Also, note that “Pick & Click” is by no means an official name used everywhere. The term was coined by NetEnt, but other software providers may use different terminology.

How Does Pick and Click Work?

Pick and Click is typically an extra feature, as we noted above. That means that you first have to trigger the bonus round of the game before you get to actually play Pick & Click. Some newer slots may allow you to trigger the feature on your own, though, with systems called the Buy Feature. However, this will usually cost you a fair bit, typically over 100x the stake.

Once triggered, the feature presents you with several objects that fit the game’s theme. The most common layout is in a 4×3 grid, meaning you get 12 identical-looking objects. They all look the same to you, but each one holds different prizes.

The prizes of Pick and Click depend on the slot’s mechanics as a whole. They might be cash prizes, awarding cash based on the original stake. They might offer multipliers or free spins.

Generally speaking, you have a very limited number of picks before the Pick & Click bonus round ends. Once you’re out of clicks, you collect the prizes and go on with regular gameplay. That’s why another option for Pick & Click prizes is additional picks. However, there are also usually “blockers”. These are the bad outcomes of the Pick and Click minigame. They either don’t offer any rewards (meaning the pick is wasted) or they occasionally end the bonus round outright.

As you can see, there’s a lot of “might” and “maybe” in this explanation. We’re aware of that, but the feature is simply too diverse to explain in a short, exact definition. That’s why we’ll move on to some examples of slot games with Pick & Click features.

Best Online Slots With Pick & Click

Looking to play slots online with Pick & Click features? Here are some amazing titles you can enjoy right now!

3 Secret Cities by 4ThePlayer

3 Secret Cities is an extremely feature-packed slot game that passed with shining colors in our review. Among these is a Pick & Click-style feature that is used to determine how strong your bonus round will be.

While it doesn’t dish out cash rewards, the minigame allows you to snag free spins, multipliers, and special expanding symbols. Moreover, the complex system of digging deeper into ancient city ruins is quite fun. Better yet, you can choose to trigger Pick & Click at any point by purchasing the bonus round. The minigame is also followed by a free spins round, practically guaranteeing massive profits.

Siren Symphony by True Lab

Again, the Pick & Click is merely one of several optional bonus rounds. If you pick the Crimson Siren, you get to collect keys during a short free spin round. These keys can then be used to open Pick and Click treasure chests, which may hide cash, multipliers, or additional keys.

It’s an interesting addition to this game’s impressive lineup of bonuses. Again, you can opt to purchase these special features at any point, which even improves the game’s RTP.

Jimi Hendrix by NetEnt

Arguably the slot game that gave free Pick and Click slots the name. Apart from being a wonderful homage to the legendary guitar hero, this 2016 release came with a robust suite of features and specials. Among them was the Pick & Click mini-game.

The minigame offers several possible outcomes. You can either get cash prizes or kick off one of the three possible free spin modes. This NetEnt hit was one of the first to demonstrate that Pick & Click can be used in more interesting ways than just distributing cash prizes.

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