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What Are Online Casino Comp Points and How to Use Them?

Round Head IconSeptember 28, 2021 - CasinoBloke

Comp points, also known as complementary points, are rewards online casinos give their customers for wagering. There are many benefits comp points offer, including the possibility to convert them to cash.

To put it simply, comp points allow players to win free stuff by playing games at their favourite online casino!

If this is your first time encountering this term, and you want to know more about comp points, then this is your lucky day. This article will discuss how they work and how you can use them when gambling online. We’ll share everything we know, and hopefully, you’ll be able to make the most out of comp points in the future.

The Background of Comp Points

Online casinos use different strategies to keep their customers coming back for more, and comp points are one of them.

The “comp” is short for “complimentary”, meaning these points are something that players get for free.

The system itself is nothing new, as brick and mortar gambling venues first used it to motivate their players to play more. All patrons could benefit from this system, regardless of how often they play or how much money they spend. There is a difference in the level of the comp points, though.

Regular players would get free drinks, a meal or theatre tickets, while high rollers enjoyed riches prizes, such as hotel rooms, jet rides, or spa tickets. As you can see, the best prizes were reserved for the most loyal and highest-spending players.

Comp Points in Online Casinos

All online casino players can benefit from comp points. The good news is they are not limited to high rollers. No matter whether your account is linked to the local currency or not, you are still able to earn comp points and redeem them later.

However, there are ways to have even more benefit from comp points. One of those ways is through the casino VIP programme.

By regularly playing at a specific online gambling site, you improve your odds of them noticing you. Once they do, you will receive loyalty points and gamification marks. After a certain period, when you collect enough of these, you will receive a promotion and become a VIP member. This is a massive honour for players, especially as it comes with better and bigger prizes.

First of all, VIP players are allowed to make larger withdrawals. There are many other benefits as well, and once you become a VIP player, the best thing is to make the most out of the programmes on offer and get more comp points.

Redeeming Comp Points

Online casinos award cop points every time you wager a specific amount of money. Also, collecting a certain number of comp points will translate into real cash. Some online casinos offer different conversion rates for different currencies.

All comp points you earn are kept in your account. You can convert it into cash by visiting the cashier register. You can claim your rewards then.

You can use your comp points all year long, meaning they are not time-limited. However, they can’t be transferred between different online casino accounts.

Types of Comps Online Casinos Offer

Online casinos can be very inventive when it comes to bonuses. They go over and beyond to provide their customers with rewards.

Here are some of the benefits that casino comp offer:

  • Cash prizes
  • Bigger withdrawals and quicker withdrawal times
  • Free tickets
  • Exclusive trips
  • Free spins
  • Additional points that can be used for promotional deals

Every online casino with an extensive lineup of games can add a couple of banking options. However, it takes ambition and dedication to give customers a wide selection of exclusive options.

Summing up Online Casino Comps

It’s easy to benefit from casinos comps, as this system is not secretive at all. This approach is simple and pretty straightforward, and its main goal is to reward loyal players.

The only “secrets” we can talk about when it comes to online casino comps are tips you can use to make the most out of them. So, let’s summarize what we’ve covered in this article.

Here are some tips to benefit from the online casino comp system:

  • Play more to win more
  • Be careful when choosing your games
  • Get familiar with the casino comp system
  • Stay loyal to your favourite online casino
  • Manage your bankroll

Since online casinos pay out a portion of the money you wagered, it means that you’re the one dictating the tempo. So, the more money you bet, the more money you will receive back.

Not all games pay the same. Table games are probably the best choice.

Staying loyal to your online casino can get you more comps. Nothing stops you from playing at multiple gambling sites, but it’s advisable to focus on one or two.

Be careful how much you’re spending. Proper bankroll management is crucial.

To wrap it up, online casino comps are something you receive as a reward for regularly playing at the gambling site.

However, you have to bear in mind that no operator will simply throw online casino comps around. You need to go hunting for them. Be sure to visit your favourite online casino as often as you can. Collect your online casino comps, and use them to claim prizes.

One thing is sure: casino comps can make the most out of your playing experience. We wish you all the luck in the world.

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