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Funky Time Live by Evolution Is On The Horizon

Round Head IconMarch 16, 2023 - CasinoBloke

The world-renowned developer Evolution is launching a brand-new live game show called Funky Time Live. It is a 70s disco-inspired DigiWheel game with random multipliers and 4 bonus games.

Evolution is releasing Funky Time Live, a brand new money wheel game show. This DigiWheel-based live show is based on their Crazy Time game but with a few innovations.


Funky Time Live Explained

The main theme of Funky Time Live is the disco scene of the 70s. Everything is flashy and stylish with neon colors and a lively soundtrack. Some of the features like Stayin’ Alive even evoke those popular disco songs we all love. But the Bee Gees are not the only attraction as this wheel-based game show has random multipliers and bonus games.

To get back to the basics, users can play the game by betting on one of the 64 segments of the wheel. Available bets include betting on the Number 1 spot, on letter bets, and bonuses. The Number 1 spot is the most popular one with a 1:1 payout. Next up are the letter bets consisting of the letters from PLAY, FUNK, and TIME twice each for a 25:1 payout. Finally, players can place one of their bets on a bonus to activate it if the wheel lands there.

Multiple bets can be placed around the wheel. The maximum payout for a round is €500.000.

The Four Bonuses

The extra features of the game include random multipliers and 4 bonus games. The multipliers are placed after all players have locked in their bets. These can be won if your bet lands on a segment with a multiplier. However, the real source of grand payouts are the bonus games.

The Bar transports you to a cocktail bar with an adorable robot bartender. You will then get to pick among three cocktails. From here, the robot fills each one with random multipliers and one of them is even multiplied further. You win your chosen cocktail with all its multipliers so you better hope you picked the grand one.

The Stayin’ Alive bonus is more of a competition. It is played on a multiplier ladder with different colored balls. Players pick their color and then track the progress of the balls. Balls can either step up 1 or 2 segments or lose lives. There are 4 lives in total and once all lives are lost players are awarded the multiplier their respective balls reached.

Finally, there is a dance floor-themed Disco or VIP Disco bonus. Here the mascot of the game Mr. Funky will randomly dance on a 37-spot or 64-spot dance floor. Each spot has a prize or multiplier attached to it. He will randomly move from one to another until he eventually falls off. Then, the players are paid the total amount of prizes won on the dance floor.

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