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Games Global and Stormcraft Announce Highly Anticipated Immortal Romance 2 Slot

Round Head IconApril 18, 2024 - CasinoBloke

Games Global and Stormcraft, which is operating as one of many development studios under Games Global’s wing, recently announced a sequel to the massively popular Immortal Romance slot from Microgaming.

As the official carriers of all former Microgaming IPs, Games Global certainly have their work cut out for them. Immortal Romance 2 is set to be bigger and better than the original ever was. Here’s what we know so far.

Immortally Succesful Romance

Few online slot providers are quite as storied and successful as Microgaming. Though the brand has been shuttered and is now part of Games Global, its games have left a lasting mark on the industry that can be felt to this day. One of the best examples of this is Immortal Romance – a vampire-themed slot game from 2011 that continues to attract audiences more than a decade later.

Immortal Romance remains one of the most beloved and well-known online slot games ever made. Though its features and rules may seem quaint by today’s standards, it was highly innovative back in the day. In fact, we would say that it’s one of the first slots to successful implement a storyline into its theme. The vampires aren’t there for show – they’re all developed characters with names, backgrounds, and goals.

Though stories are quite common in online slots these days, that was not the case before Immortal Romance.

What About the Sequel?

Precious little is known about how the game will actually work. Although its obvious that the graphics saw a massive improvement, plenty is still left unanswered. Even a quick look of the screenshots tells us that there will be quite a few new features. However, Stormcraft has been very tight-lipped about the details.

So far, the developers have focused on the fact that the sequel is going to be much more action-packed. Compared to the predecessor, you can expect Immortal Romance 2 to have non-stop excitement. Something is always going to be happening on the screen, with multipliers and multi-layered collection mechanics firing off at all times.

You can safely expect the Casino Bloke to write a full review once Immortal Romance 2 hits the casinos on May 1st, 2024. For now, you can check out our other slot reviews to find something to play right now.

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