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Mr Green Introduces Predictive Green Gaming Tool

Round Head IconSeptember 13, 2017 - CasinoBloke

World-famous casino operator Mr Green has declared the arrival of its predictive Green Gaming tool. What makes the tool itself authentic and different from other gaming mechanisms is the fact that it provides punters with an ability to get knowledge about their risk behaviour and, even more importantly, act on it.

In that way, Mr Green can also better observe when exactly harmless playing becomes a risky venture and by doing so, potentially help their customers stay balanced and reasonable while using their services.

Per Norman, CEO of Mr Green and Co. maintains that players have reason enough to feel safe gambling at Mr Green and that Green Gaming has been in a way included in their work strategy since the very foundation of their company 10 years ago. ʻʻWe have high ambitions, and want to be the brand you associate with Green Gamingʼʼ, announces Mr Norman.

What is the Tool About?

The ingenious tool observes the current playing behavior of a consumer and then integrates it with the player’s own view of their risk tendencies. In that fashion, customers can obtain personalized observation and evaluation concerning the way they approach gaming, so that they have a clear picture and recognize the moment when they have stepped out of the safe zone. Besides,

Besides, Mr Green can also customize their offer, relying on the findings of the players’ risk behavior. For example, the players who have already displayed a tendency toward risk behavior could be requested to adjust their limits differently while playing, or even refrain from gaming for a while.

For the time being, the brilliant tool devised by Mr Green will only have casino model, however, the programmers already have plans for incorporating a sportsbook model in the months to come, too.

Other Follow Suit

Other parties have also made a significant contribution to the project such as the Swedish digital company called Sustainable Interaction along with Sebastian Gassner, a renowned professional in the gaming technical development field.

The first country to embrace the new tool will be the United Kingdom, whereas Mr Green will continue with the promotion and expansion of other markets as well in the fall this year.

“Now, we are asking our customers to put on the seat belt and set the controls,” says Per Norman. “With our new tool, we will be able to better understand our customers in so many dimensions, not just in mere financial terms.”

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