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Space Wars 2: Powerpoints Slot Review

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Space Wars 2: Powerpoints is a NetEnt online slot launched in 2022. The game houses 5 reels, 5 rows, and Cluster Pays with a 96.05% RTP. This non-progressive slot game also features mobile play, free spins, Wilds, tumbling symbols, and bonus rounds. This game has a jackpot of x10,020 the bet and is available for playing on both desktop & mobile.



Since Evolution acquired it, NetEnt has been focusing a lot on its most well-known series. Old fan favourites are getting sequels left and right, and now it’s time for the cute monster-themed Space Wars to get another go.

The cartoony aliens are back, as is the highly volatile win meter. In fact, the whole monsters and space theme is back in all its lovable glory. We’re also fans of the original soundtrack of the game which fits the theme perfectly. However, the gameplay of Space Wars 2 has been completely overhauled. Hence the Powerpoints subtitle.

Space Wars 2: Powerpoints is not your average online slot. Instead of typical pay lines, this game is all about creating clusters of identical symbols. It reminds us of popular mobile games like Candy Crush – though you’re still playing for real money, of course!

Keep reading our review to find out what the new NetEnt Space Wars 2 game is all about.

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This is not the first time NetEnt made cluster pays slots. Releases like Aloha! were quite popular a few years ago. However, Powerpoints further plays with this idea by introducing a system of points.

First of all, there are no pre-set paylines in this game. Instead, your goal is to arrange 3 or more matching symbols anywhere on the 5×5 board. These symbols have to form vertical or horizontal lines. However, they don’t have to follow a pre-decided pattern, so there are thousands of possible ways to win.

Every time you form a winning combination, the winning symbols are removed from the game. They are usually replaced by one special bonus symbol, and new symbols tumble down from the top of the screen to replace the missing ones. This means that you can chain together multiple wins in one round. In fact, that’s a core part of how to win Space Wars 2: Powerpoints.

Winning symbols do not provide a direct real money payout, however. Instead, you get Powerpoints based on the symbols removed from the game. Any Powerpoints are accumulated at the top of the screen. Once all the special symbols trigger, tumbling ends, and if there are no more possible wins that round, you get a payout based on the total number of collected Powerpoints. The most you can win during regular gameplay is 20x for 1,00 points. That said, special features can exponentially increase the rewards.

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Casino Bloke Best tips for Space Wars 2: Powerpoints Slot

  • 1Although this game can seem more complex than other online slots, it's really quite simple. The most you can do is keep hitting spin and hope for the best.
  • 2You can purchase 8, 12, or 16 Free Spins in Space Wars 2 at any moment, and it’s almost always worth it. Players from the UK cannot purchase special features, though.
  • 3Free Spins in this game unlock 2 additional rows, increasing your chances of winning. Also, you get 1-3 additional free spins once the Powerpoints counter reaches certain thresholds in free spin mode.


Let’s start by noting that Space Wars 2 slot game is extremely volatile. The average spin wins nothing or very little. Once you start stringing together victories and special symbols, though, things can get quite hectic. Especially in Free Spin mode.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. The most important special Space Wars 2 Powerpoints feature is the special symbols. These can appear any time you make a winning line. Different symbols do different things depending on how many symbols you cleared with the combination. Their arrangement is also a factor.

  1. Wilds simply replace any other symbol as new symbols tumble down. They are created by matching simple 3-symbol combinations. Also, Wilds come with random multipliers during free spin mode.
  2. Bombs appear when you match a connected horizontal and vertical combination of the same symbol. For instance, an L, X, or T shape of identical symbols. Bombs remove any nearby symbols, adding their score to the Powerpoints counter.
  3. A Column/Row Blaster appears for 4-symbol matches. It clears every symbol along the horizontal or vertical line, depending on the direction of the original win. Cleared symbols add their score to the counter.
  4. A Zapper is awarded for 5- or 6-symbol wins. It randomly removes symbols all across the map.

To get things even more exciting, Special Feature Symbols in Space Wars 2 can be combined.

Collecting 1,000 or more Powerpoints during a single round of regular gameplay activates Space Wars 2 Powerpoints free spins. You get more free spins for more Powerpoints.


As noted above, symbols don’t directly make payouts. Instead, there are three groups of symbols based on how many Powerpoints you get for clearing them.

The red gem is the only High reward symbol, granting 30 Powerpoints each.

The five little aliens are 5 types of Medium rewards symbols. These offer 20 Powerpoints per symbol.

The circle-shaped symbols are low-paying and only grant 10 Powerpoints per symbol.

The Space Wars 2 Powerpoints paytable awards a multiplier to the original stake based on how many points you secured. In the base game, these payouts are:

Powerpoints Payout
25 0.25x
50 0.5x
100 1x
200 2x
300 3x
400 4x
500 5x
700 10x
1,000 20x


Free Spins dramatically increase the maximum payout in Space Wars 2. The most you can win in free spin mode is 10,000x for 12,000 Powerpoints.

what we like

  • Creative, non-standard Cluster Pays mechanics with a unique twist
  • Every win grants a special symbol, further adding to the excitement
  • 4 special symbols + 3 combinations
  • Easy to win free spins, which can also be purchased
  • Lovable and well-executed theme.

what we don’t like

  • Volatility might be too harsh for some players
  • Changeable RTP – some casinos use lower-RTP variants.


As soon as we launched Space Wars 2 Powerpoints we understood that it’s a smash hit. This isn’t a true Cluster Pays game, which makes it all the more interesting. Instead, the gameplay revolves around vertical and horizontal combinations that can be made anywhere on the table. This core loop is already quite exciting, but it merely scratches the surface.

The true experience of this game comes with the many features, combo wins, and bonus rounds that can be triggered in quick succession. It’s an extremely volatile bit of fun, but it’s worth trying.

We should also mention that you can play Space Wars 2 slot game for free at the official NetEnt site.

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