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The ABCs of Testing an Online Casino’s Reputability

Round Head IconSeptember 7, 2017 - CasinoBloke

Most of us want the best when it comes to the service we are paying for. This is particularly true when it comes to finding a perfect online casino – after all, this is the place where we want to kick back, relax and spend a certain amount of time doing what we enjoy the most. If you are just getting warmed up to the life of an online gambler and everything is still relatively unknown, you will need to take baby steps and dedicate more time in your pursuit for the online casino that will best suit your needs.

As you develop and your needs and goals change, so will your taste for an online casino – your choice will be governed by the specific demands and your own personal style. Until that happens, here are the three basic principles for selecting a decent and trustworthy online casino.

A – Ask Around

Who better to give advice than people who have already been through all the ups and downs of pursuing the best casino deals, great selection of games and fast, hassle-free withdrawals? This is the first stop on your trip to finding exactly what you need.

Luckily for us, the internet is packed with people who are willing to share their experiences with an online casino and some of them can even be contacted via email. User ratings are the best way to learn about the casino’s policies, client treatment and withdrawal times. Even if the casino has a high rate of positive reviews, it does not necessarily mean that it will suit you. Reviewers will also reflect on the game offer, live dealer category, welcome bonuses and VIP program. Maybe you are after the casino with a specific gaming catalogue, in which case their loyalty program may not be a crucial factor for you. In other words, the best way to make the decision is to read about the casino’s strong and weak points written by someone who has already tested it.

B – Bet Minimum Stakes

Stage 2 begins once you make a decision and create the account with the selected casino. At first, a wise thing to do would be feeling up the pulse of the casino and getting acquainted with their withdrawal procedures. This is achieved by placing lower limit bets. The same goes for the deposits. Start with depositing minimum amounts – that way if anything should happen, the damage would be tolerable.

One other thing that might be wise is to claim some of the casino’s bonuses and discover if they are just a bait. A trustworthy casino wants their users to stay motivated and will never try to avoid paying their comeuppance.

C – Check the Customer Support

Possibly, the most accurate indicator of an online casino’s reputability and the level of professionalism is how they communicate with their potential clients and existing members. How the customer representatives treat your inquiry is the reflection of the casino’s official attitude towards their players. Test chat the online support with any kind of inquiry or complaint and see what will happen. If by the end of your chat session you are now a happy camper, cross out the casino from your list. In case you come across uninformed and rude operators who are not able to provide a satisfactory support on a simple general inquiry, just imagine what would happen had you tried to resolve a more serious issue?

Email and phone inquiries are also a good idea – feel free to give them a call and quiz their expertise. Any online casino whose representatives are not willing and able to provide a requested info has a long way to go and this is your cue to take your business elsewhere.

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