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Best Bets You Can Place in Online Casinos

Round Head IconMarch 13, 2020 - CasinoBloke

On our gaming portal, we have already presented the worst bets you can play in online casinos. This time, we will be more constructive and show you which casino bets are the best for you. What makes these bets worth your hard-earned money is a low house edge and, consequently, better odds. Although none of them guarantees that you will win, it is always a better idea to play them than those bets with a higher house margin. Stay with us to learn all you should know about the best casino bets and how to make the most of playing them.

Blackjack Main Bet

Blackjack is one of our favourite casino games. The main reason for that is the fact that the moves you make actually matter. Although not all Blackjack variants are worth your time and money, once you choose the one that is, you should go for it. Some good Blackjack variants have a house edge of as low as 0.5%. However, this applies only on the main game when played at the optimal strategy.

To make use of the low house edge, you have to learn the rules and strategy. Strategy charts will help you in your efforts to master Blackjack. Also known as cheat sheets, they will show you which moves are preferable in certain situations, like whether you should hit, stand, double down or split cards. Playing side bets increases the house edge drastically, so if you want to play safe, stay away from them. As we have already pointed out, insurance is one of the worst casino bets, so we will say it once again: you should never play insurance in Blackjack.

Baccarat Banker Bet

If you have ever read an article covering the best Baccarat strategy, you know that the Banker bet is the preferred one to play. It comes from the fact that its house edge is 1.06% only, while the house margin of the Player bet is 1.24%. The one you should avoid regardless of its high payout standing at 8:1 or 9:1 is the Tie bet as it comes with a house edge of 14.36%.

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Although Baccarat is a game of chance, meaning that there is nothing you can do to increase your odds, the Banker bet wins more frequently. Choosing the Banker side is the least you can do to enhance your chances of winning. A payout of 0.95:1 due to a commission fee is not attractive much, but that is still better than nothing. If you want to feel more excitement at a Baccarat table, go for Lightning Baccarat, an Evolution electrifying take on the game with random multipliers that can boost your winnings.

Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better is a Video Poker variant with the best odds, especially its full-pay version with a 9/6 paytable. Based on a 5-card draw, the game pays prizes when you create a poker hand of jacks or better, just as its name suggests. The full-pay game version has a low house edge of 0.46%, meaning that its RTP is 99.54%.

However, to capitalise on the Jacks or Better low house edge, you need to play it according to the proper strategy. Make sure to find a strategy chart and make your moves based on its suggestions. Some Jacks or Better variations allow you to play the game in more than one hand and use the Double Up feature to increase your payouts. While the former is more suitable for experienced players, the latter is excellent for those who like taking risks.

European Roulette Even-Money Bets

Roulette is a highly entertaining game whether you play it at brick-and-mortar or online casinos. Today, online casinos offer a plethora of Roulette variations, but if you want to make the most of it, you should stick to its European variant. It features a single zero and a house edge sitting at 2.7% while its American counterpart has a house margin of 5.26% because of two zeros.

The Straight Up bet may be the most attractive offering a payout of 35:1, but it is the least likely to win. On the other hand, you can choose from a range of so-called even-money bets that pay 1:1 only but have the best odds of winning. Whether you decide to play an Odd/Even, Red/Black or Hi/Lo bet, your chances of winning will be much better than with other betting options. You can also consider playing other Outside Roulette bets like Dozens or Columns as they involve less risk than Inside bets while paying 2:1.

Craps Pass Line Bet

This is considered one of the best casino bets due to a house advantage of 1.41% only. Knowing this makes playing Craps lot easier as multiple betting choices may seem intimidating when you join the table for the first time. It is also an even-money bet paying 1:1. To win with this bet, the result of the roll should be a 7 or an 11. It loses when a 2, 3 or a 12 rolls out.

As an additional wager, you can play the Odds bet that comes with no house edge. You can place it after playing the Pass Line bet. The side bet wins based on the point established with the main wager and can increase your payout according to the paytable.

Sic Bo Even-Money Bets

Again, we have bets that pay 1:1. They are called Big/Small and Odd/Even and you can tell by their names how they function. In both cases, you are looking at a 2.8% house edge and the probability of winning standing at 48.6%. If you are new to the game of Sic Bo, make sure to apply the low-risk strategy and don’t go for those wagers that offer large payouts as they come with an abysmal house edge going up to 29.2%, which is the case with betting on specific dice combinations that pay 50:1.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to gambling, sometimes most you can do is choosing the right bet. The ones we have presented in this article provide you with the best value for invested money. So if you play any of the games mentioned above, go for these wagers. However, you should bear in mind that no matter how low house edge a particular bet may have, you should always manage your funds and keep your bankroll safe. Stick to your limits and don’t exceed them at any cost!

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