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Funky Time Strategy – How to Win More on Evolution’s Hit Casino Game Show

Round Head IconMay 30, 2024 - CasinoBloke

The sequel to the acclaimed Crazy Time live casino game show is here, and it’s as good as anyone could have hoped for. It’s now sweeping the scene, earning thousands of fans and a place among the best live dealer games in the business.

However, many fans are still wondering – is there a best strategy to play Funky Time?

The short answer is that there are ways to get the most out of the game, but don’t expect too much. Funky Time is designed to rely completely on chance and there is no skill involved at any point. However, understanding the game, Funky Time stats, and a few other tips can ensure that you win more and lose less. If you’re interested in learning how, this Funky Time strategy guide is here to help you.

Basic Rules

Before we begin, we’ll make one thing clear. This isn’t a beginner’s guide to Funky Time. Most of the article assumes you already know and understand the basics of how to play the game. If not, we recommend starting with our review of Funky Time. It doesn’t go into too much depth, but it will prepare you for your first round.

However, there is a part of the game that requires special attention, and it’s the bonus games. Many players will say that these special bets are the beating heart of Funky Time, and we tend to agree. Understanding exactly how they work is the first step towards becoming a real Funky Time pro.

Understanding the Bonus Games

Bonus bets are not necessary to play Funky Time. However, unlike Crazy Time, Funky Time offers a fairly strong RTP, so they’re worth discussing from a strategic standpoint. If you’re not sure what RTP is and why it’s so important, check out this guide.  The guide is about slots, but the same principles apply to this game as well.

Anyway, here’s a brief explanation of every Funky Time bonus bet.

  • Bar is an interactive minigame that allows you to pick between three cocktails, which determines your reward. Although one might think that it’s good that players have control, there is still no skill involved with this minigame. You have no way of knowing which bonus is hidden in which cocktails, so all you can do is pick at random. That said, the Bar bet in Funky Time has the highest RTP among all available wagers.
  • Stayin’ Alive – in this bonus game, the player will choose a ball to represent their progress on a 20-level multiplier ladder. The player starts with 3 lives and actions like stepping up, stepping down, or losing a life are generated randomly. The goal is for your chosen ball to climb as high as possible before all lives are lost. The player wins the multiplier they reached at the end of the bonus game. It is largely similar to Bar in many ways. However, it has a lot more steps. Since there is no real option to quit early or know where to go, this bet is also completely based on luck.
  • Disco seems like the most complex of these bonus bets. In some ways it is – it has the most moving parts and the potential for the biggest payout. However, there’s nothing to really do here as a player. You just sit back, relax, and hope that Mr Funky will collect as big of a reward as possible.

Strategy Basics

So if the player has no real control over any outcome, how do you win more in Funky Time?

The short answer? You play the good bets and avoid the bad ones. A smart combination of several wager types can also get excellent results.

Of course, you should also remember that some strategies apply to all forms of gambling, even live casino game shows. An excellent example of this is money management. Properly managing your bankroll protects you from unnecessary losses, and is fundamental to all casino gaming.

Which Bets to Play in Evolution Funky Time?

The answer to this question lies in the game’s underlying statistics. Basically, every available type of bet has a certain reward range, and a certain average payout. Deliberately targeting the bets with the best average payout is the key to success.

You should still consider other factors, of course, such as volatility. This comes down to personal preference, though. If you want to chase big prizes despite a lot of risk, the bonus bets are made for you. If you want to keep things on the safe side and win often (but little), you may want to stick to the letters bets.

However, the best bets in Funky Times are those with the best RTP. In other words, risky bets are not better or worse than safe ones. The key here is the ratio of reward to risk. The better this ratio, the better the bet.

But how do we know how risky each bet is, how much it can pay, and how good its ratio is? By looking at Funky Time stats, of course!

Funky Time Stats

Funky Time statistics tell us exactly what we need to know about each bet. Check out the table below to find out how much each bet in Funky Time pays and how likely it is to win. Finally, you can also see every bet’s RTP to the right.

Bet Payout Segments Probability RTP
1 1:1 28 43.75% 95.99%
Letter bet 25:1 2 per letter 3.13% per letter 95.49%
Bar Up to $500,000 6 9.38% 95.98%
Stayin’ Alive Up to 10,000x 2 4.69% 95.49%
Disco Up to 10,000x 3 9.39% 95.51%
VIP Disco Up to 10,000x 1 1.56% 95.38%

Stats in Funky Time by Evolution tell us that the Number 1 bet and the Bar bet are your best options. However, the margin is not exactly huge, and all of your options are decent. Still, if you’re obsessed with playing optimally, you’ll want to stick to these two.


That’s pretty much everything you need to know about Funky Time strategy. We know it isn’t all that much, but that’s just the nature of the game. The only thing that will really ensure you win a lot is luck, and that’s how the game was designed.

As such, we recommend that you prioritize having fun over winning. Otherwise, you’ll probably just end up frustrated. Besides, fun should always be your goal with gambling.

Our last bit of advice is to find a good casino to play Funky Time on. A good casino ensures you’ll spend more time having fun and less time being frustrated – not to mention all the sweet Funky Time bonuses. Our recommendation is the Mr Green online casino, but you can find a lot of other top Evolution casinos here.

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