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How to “Cheat” an Online Casino but Remain on High Moral Grounds

Round Head IconSeptember 15, 2017 - CasinoBloke

Cheating without consequences – sounds too good to be true and in most cases, it is. Before we go on, let us start by saying that we do not endorse any form of cheating. Moral reasoning aside, trying to abuse the casino’s policies can end up with you being blacklisted, your account blocked, and the report submitted against you to the relevant authorities. Definitely not worth the hassle. But what if we tell you that there are certain ways to take advantage of online casinos or “cheat” in a legitimate way that will not get you in trouble?

How Do People Try to Swindle Online Casinos?

Some of the most common ways people have used so far to go around the online casino’s regulations are the following:

  • Account Cloning – extremely frowned upon and easy to catch on. Once caught, you will have to kiss all your winnings goodbye, as the casino will immediately freeze all the accounts and disable withdrawals until their Fraud Detection Team investigates the matter. It does not end there – the casino can report you to the regulatory body as you are consciously breaking the terms and conditions agreed on when registering at the casino.
  • Hacking – trying to find a weak spot in the casino’s security system. Usually not easy with the most reputable casinos since their software is quite sophisticated, but if you are an expert in hacking, we could think of one or two more other fields where your skills could be put to better use.
  • Collusion – partnering with other players in live online casinos in order to share the profits and gain the advantage over other players and the house.

All the above-listed practices are strictly prohibited and will be penalized should the player gets caught – regardless of one’s personal moral standards, you should remember that gambling debts are generally considered debts of honour and a certain degree of sportsmanship is expected. The casino-player relationship is a two-way street and if you are looking for fairness and honest payouts from the casino, you should be ready to respond in the same way.

So, How Do I Make the Best Out of the Online Casino and Save Face?

Start with the bonuses, especially welcome packages awarded to the newly registered members and be very careful about the wagering requirements. Sometimes, they cannot be avoided, however, you can always find the casino that requests only the minimum wagering requirements to be met, or better yet, none at all.

Good and Bad Ways to "Cheat" an Online Casino

The trick here is to do the same thing with several other online casinos – there is absolutely nothing illegal or immoral with being registered with more than one online gambling provider and claiming the bonuses. Should you opt for the casino that has the play-through requirement, all you need to do is go for the games with low house edge and the requirement will be met in no time. For the optimal result, most people recommend to claim the bonuses and use them on Video Poker as this is where a skillful player can quickly recover the rake and make extra profit.

There are several advantages to Bonus Hunting (which is what the method is officially called):

  • As long as you honour the terms and conditions, the online casino cannot touch you. Even if you are only in it for the bonus and pack up your suitcases after you make your withdrawals, you are still not doing anything that can be considered as fraudulent. For example, the casino will not give you the option to cash out the bonus, but the winnings generated from wagering the bonus amounts are yours and if there are no play through requirements, you can collect the winnings immediately and never play again.
  • Make sure to provide the valid documentation and go through the verification process. What can get you in trouble is lying, not “milking” the bonuses. If you provide the casino with the valid legal documents (should the representatives request them prior to releasing your funds), you have nothing to be worried about.

There is one more thing that needs to be stressed – Bonus Hunting requires time, investment and understanding the game that you have selected, otherwise, you will just waste your resources. Once you do a bit of research and find the bonuses that have the highest potential and direct them towards the game you are actually good at (or a slot that has a high RTP) you are all set. The expenses from your part will be negligible.

Observational Learning

We all know that a lot of online casino games can be played in test mode, although the option is not available for live dealer category. Still, in some online casinos, you can register an account, launch the live game (although only for a limited amount of time), observe other players and “steal” their moves.
The live stream will be ended after a certain period of inactivity, but here’s the treat – you can just reload or launch it again, and the stream will continue where it left off. This way, you can learn from the high rollers first hand and get to sit at the highest limit tables without wagering.

Taking the High Road

We may as well tell you this – trying to do things the easy way is only cheating yourself. The casinos are counting on your greed and the less thought you put into online gambling, the more you will eventually lose. Here is the truth – the only way you can rob the online casino blind and do it without any negative consequences, is to improve your skills. The casinos dread professional and strategically inclined players as they cannot fight them. It is pretty easy to ban a cheater from the casino, but winning fair and square is an entirely different matter.

So, select a game of skills with low house edge and master it (Video Poker or Blackjack), develop a betting system, and go for the big bucks. It will require some effort on your part, but it will pay off. This way, you cheat the casino into thinking you’re just another schmuck and then you reduce their house edge to a nice, fat zero by using no more than an optimal strategy.

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