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The fascinating but complex world of online casino bonuses

Round Head IconJune 7, 2018 - CasinoBloke

There are so many online casinos out there that sometimes it is very difficult to orientate and decide which one is the best one. As the competition is fierce online casinos do have a strategy to tempt players with huge casino bonuses: this is surely great but a very good headline doesn’t make a very good casino bonus. It is a bit more complicated than that. In this article we have investigated what to look for in a casino online site and also how to decide if a bonus is worth the hassle or not. 

Casino Bonuses

Everyone likes to have something for nothing! So Casino Bonuses are a great thing for players but you need to be well aware that there are terms and conditions attached to the casino bonus: there is for example a minimum deposit that is requested and also before you will be able to cash out the bonus you would have to have met some wagering requirements. In a nutshell there are many things to consider when picking an online casino: ‘We always tell players to get as much bonus as they can from operators. Eventually every bonus will increase your chances of winning so it is a good thing. In today’s world an online casino that doesn’t offer a decent welcome bonus will be in trouble as they need a consistent flow of new customers. But and there is a but some companies are trying to be less transparent than others and this is why it is very important to get the analysis done before committing on a casino bonus that might let you disappointed down the line due to terms being rather unfair’, said John Pentin editorial chief at top uk Bonus Casino aggregator site

What are the casino strategies to keep customers loyal?

Not only online casino sites need to acquire new players consistently but they also need to make sure that they get them to return. A player is tempted daily by new casinos or existing casinos that have launched new promotions. For an online casino website retaining customers is much tougher than land-based online casinos that can use location as a key advantage. Online gaming sites need to create a place of enjoyment and excitement in order to survive against the growing competition. Casino bonuses are a good way to keep players interested and also to keep them coming back. If a player likes the casino and it is rewarded for continuing to play with that operator, it is likely that it will disregard others offers. There are many bonuses that are available to players and below we have summarised some of them after a research we have done on UK online gambling trends.

Sign-Up or Free Deposit Casino Bonuses

The first bonus that we have looked at is the most popular and normally the one that attracts more attention from the players. This is a Sign-Up or Free Deposit Casino Bonuses. The aim of this bonus is to get new customers to try their product and hopefully also make a first deposit. In some instances some casinos might also offer some ‘no deposit’ bonus where the registration is the only thing you need to do in order to obtain free credits. The amount of the bonuses change from brand to brand but the underlying aim of the bonus is the same. Casinos want you to try their products and stay. So normally they do give out some interesting ‘matching bonuses’ where for example you get £100 free if you deposit £100 and so on.

Customer Loyalty Casino Bonuses

Acquiring new players is good but what if you can’t retain them? This is why online casino are also using Customer Loyalty Bonus. With those bonuses customers can get rewarded, normally with money, for the time that they have spent on a casino. The bonus is given normally when a player make subsequent deposits that show they are here to stay. 

Friend Referral Casino Bonuses

The Friend Referral scheme is common to many industries and it is not surprising to see that online gaming has also adopted it. Opinion leaders are always a big drive for brands and the Friend Referral scheme does incentivise existing players to speak with their friends and tell them how good is the experience they are having. As we have said the more players a casino has the better and this is why they are prepared to pay existing customers that do drive new customers. It is a very simple concept: a player tell his friend to join the site and then he gets rewarded when this happens.

Matching Casino Bonuses

Now that we have done a good overview of the different online casino bonuses, let’s take a look at one of the most popular ones: the matching bonus. This bonus is very popular and the reason is that it is pretty straightforward and generous. There are many variants of course of the ‘Matching Casino Bonuses’ but the underlying principle is the same: if the matching bonus is 100% up to £100 it means that if you deposit £100 you will get £100 free, if you deposit £50 you will get £50 free and so on. Some online casinos sites also go the extra mile and offer 200 percent or also called ‘double your deposit’ bonus: again this is very simple to understand as the casino is prepared to give you the double you have deposited in bonus (up to a certain amount, ie. £200). 

So everything is pretty simple to understand on paper but you need to be careful with Matching Casino Bonuses too: every bonus has different terms attached to it. Players should never just read the headline and then proceed without looking at the terms. For example there are minimum deposits required in order to get the bonus and also there are wagering terms that need to be met before a win can be cashed out. So to avoid disappointments always check what are the terms of the bonus and if you are not sure as there is too much jargon than ask the experts on aggregator sites like and they will be able to advise as they work with a huge amount of operators on a daily basis.

High Rollers Bonus

Another very common bonus is the High Rollers Bonus. As we said before online casinos are keen to ensure that their player numbers will be high. But this is just part of the game: what about the quality of players? Big players that can gamble lots of money requires a different treatment from the casino that cannot afford to lose his VIPs. So if an online casino sees a ‘big’ player pattern will go the extra mile to reward him so that he will stay for longer. This is why every casino has its VIP programmes where players can get rewarded in different ways from cash bonuses to exclusive trips.

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