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Upgrade Your Online Gambling from Casual Pastime to Reliable Source of Income

Round Head IconOctober 5, 2018 - CasinoBloke

Turning a hobby in a source of income is a dream come true and although the shift from recreational gambling to becoming a full-time player could take years, starting small and turning a string of winnings into a decent side income is quite feasible.

Don’t think for a second that it will happen overnight. We are not talking about the stroke of luck, like hitting a progressive jackpot minutes after placing your bet, which has been known to happen. This year, two random people have inadvertently set the world records by triggering the highest online jackpots in the history of online gambling. A cleaning lady from Germany won £79 million on Lottoland and an anonymous winner hit the 7th Mega Moolah jackpot of 2018, winning €18.9 million on September, 28.

Obviously, it can happen or it can just as easily never happen; this is a chance you are consciously accepting any time you pull the slot lever, waiting for the symbols to align and spell “You are a millionaire”.  In the meantime, while waiting on a fluke, why not make money the old-fashioned way – through investments, skills, and drawing just the right move at just the right time.

Let us warn you right off the bat that this will not be the most exhilarating experience of your life. Unfortunately, making a living by means of online gambling does not come with a shortcut. Learning that there is no magic formula which will ensure the big win can be quite disappointing to a lot of players. Quick fix does not exist in gambling and you will not be able to swindle a casino into generating massive payouts.

There are no due jackpots or bullet-proof systems that will ensure easy money. There is, however, a system and it comes with a price of patience. You may not be a rich man at the end of the road, but paying the bills or affording an occasional splurge with the money you earned gambling online seems like a great place to start.

Find an Appropriate Online Casino

Let us assume that you are yet to find an online casino where your “getting rich or die trying” scheme is to take place. This part is often not taken seriously by the majority of online gamblers who are after a quick buck. If you are to make any money out of your online ventures, the casino must be willing to pay, and you will be surprised (or, not at all surprised) to learn that there are providers out there who prefer not releasing the funds.

Surprisingly, many fall into the trap of dazzling promises and bonuses, forgetting to do even the most basic background check and see what other people have to say about the reputability of a gaming website. In an era where internet is flooded with reviews, there are no excuses for not doing your research. In fact, if you get swindled by an online casino that’s blacklisted and has a mile long list of unhappy customers, you very well deserved it.

Reputability should not be the only criteria for selecting an online casino. Oftentimes, a perfectly respectable venue will not meet your other needs, such as gaming offer or welcome bonus, if you want one – which may not be such a good idea, but we will get to that later.

Take all of these factors into consideration when hunting for a perfect casino and make sure that your casino checks everything from the following list:

  • Extensive gaming offer
  • User-friendly policies
  • Top-notch licensing authorities (MGA or UKGC)
  • Stamp of approval by the users
  • Low level of complaints
  • Approachable customer support

Things to Consider When Looking at the Gaming Selection

Extensive gaming offer does not only refer to the number of slots or casino games. Try to find a casino that includes all of the gambling platforms that you are familiar with and a few you have never tried before. For example, you may have never used sports wagering platform, but while you are focusing on slots, you may be missing out on “easy money” in MMA fights or even eSports section.

The great thing about these wagering options is that they are incredibly easy to pick up. The computer will do most of the legwork for you and the odds will indicate which out of the two teams or rivals have a better chance of winning. Online bookies even go as far as providing their players with the detailed explanation of how to read odds (which will take you approximately a minute to figure out), what strategy to employ or what to avoid in long-term betting. A much better option than relying on chance – after all, why not expand your playing field and make the most of your online time.

After the Supreme Court declared PASPA unconstitutional, sports betting is becoming an important part of online gambling scene, and although plenty of European players have always had access to this form of gambling, the full blow of sports betting legalisation is yet to happen. NFL and MLB sports wagering is already heavily promoted, and this could open an entirely new universe for casino visitors, one that can add a significant portion of funds to your casino cashier.

The same goes for Live Casino. Even though you may not be interested in Live Dealer games when setting up your account, you may easily change your mind later on. Instead of searching for an alternative solution, think ahead and make sure you have all the option covered, even if you never end up using them.

Get acquainted with Casino’s Terms and Conditions and Play Under Your Own Rules

This falls under the “User-friendly policies” line from the previous section, and it mainly refers to the casino’s Welcome Offer. The safest way to use the casino’s New Players Bonus Package is not using it at all – especially if you are eager to start your withdrawals.

We all know the score – you place your first deposit and the casino matches it. Experienced players already know that extra spending cash will be recuperated by the operator via wagering requirements, but most of them have learned that lesson the hard way.

If you want to start making a profit, forget about promotions or Welcome Package, otherwise, it could take quite some time before you can claim your winnings.

While other people are chasing the predetermined playthrough requirements mark, you will be free to take what’s yours when the payday comes. We are not saying that the casino is in the wrong for imposing the playthrough requirements and protecting their interests, but you should do that do. Always play with your own money and only opt-in for promotions when it makes sense or when it meets your needs.

Entering a cash prize tournament and playing something you would normally play within the reasonable betting limits is a much better option than redeeming the bonus cash, and it will not be a setback from your ultimate goal.

Start Small and Be as Boring as Hell

Whatever you do, don’t go overboard with your own money. Start with minimum deposits and small bets and gradually build your balance. Play big when only you reach a certain mark, whatever that may be – it depends entirely on you.

Even if you lose all at once, it will not make any impact on your current finances and get you into trouble. Your everyday life should remain intact by your hobby, at least until you earn enough to retire and afford a condo in Boca Raton.

Set clear rules and remain disciplined. If you decide not to exceed a certain amount, then don’t, even if you can afford it. This is how you build character and learn to abide by the rules. Once you gain experience and learn the basic strategies of your game of choice, you can afford to let your hair down.

Play the Games That are Worth It

And by this, we mean low house edge games with easy rules and simple strategies. Blackjack, certain slots, Video Poker, etc, would fit this description, but make sure you really understand the rules and tactics.

There is absolutely no point of splitting or not splitting pairs in Blackjack unless you get the logic behind it. Otherwise, you are only stumbling in the dark, waiting to fall down.

As far as positive and negative betting strategies are concerned, experiences and opinions are quite different, but we would advise against it. They only carry a short-term value and sometimes require a high roller’s budget.

Don’t Let a Stupid Mistake Cost You Your Winnings

There are certain behaviours that the casinos sanction by closing the member’s account and refusing the withdrawals. To make sure you don’t end on the casino’s blacklist, go through the withdrawal and the casino’s general policy carefully and see what are the forbidden actions. Bonus hunting and apparent use of prohibited strategies can result in deactivation of your account.

Before submitting your first deposit, make sure you are fully aware of the consequences. Should you feel that outsmarting the casino is worth the risk, go for it, but bear in mind that repercussions may be much greater than the bounty.

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