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Crash Casino Games – The New Crash Gambling Games Explained

Round Head IconNovember 16, 2023 - CasinoBloke

Crash games in casinos are one of the newest trends sweeping the industry. They’re a new but very straightforward approach to gambling games, and we’ve seen more and more casinos include crash games in their portfolio. Although most of them boil down to a very similar experience, they’re becoming popular enough to be called a mainstay “genre” of casino games.

So what are crash gambling games, how do they work, and are they really worth your attention? That’s what this article is here to find out.

We’ll start by explaining the basic concept and gameplay of crash casino games. We’ll also go through some of the most prominent examples we’ve seen so far and the best online casinos to play them at. Finally, we’ll offer a critical dive into this type of game, our tips for playing them, and why you might want to try them in the first place.

What Are Crash Games in Gambling?

Crash games in casinos are a new type of gambling content that allows players to wager on how big their reward is going to grow before “crashing”. It sounds a bit vague when you try to define them in a single sentence, but crash games are generally very simple and accessible. The best way to explain how crash games work is by going through a single round, so that’s what we’ll do.

In a typical game of this type, there is only one type of wager. You either participate or don’t – there are no other options. In many ways, this makes them similar to online slots – they’re straightforward and completely decided by luck and RNG. However, there’s an extra level of player interaction with Crash games, which is partly what makes them so attractive.

Once your bet is down and the round begins, you’ll see a line or number go up. This number is your payout – the longer the round lasts, the bigger the reward. However, at a randomly decided point, the number will “crash” down to zero. 

As a player, your job is to collect a payout before it crashes. The longer you let it rise, the bigger your reward, but the higher the chance of losing the game outright. This means that these games are all about managing risks. On one hand, you don’t want to overextend because you’ll just lose all the time. On the other, cashing out early and watching that payout rise to huge numbers can be quite painful. A certain amount of risk-taking is always necessary for gambling of any form, and crash gambling games are no different.

In most examples, the growth of the payout is visualised as a plane or rocket of some kind. It flies up into the sky as the payout grows, only to crash down to earth at some point. Hence the name “crash” games.

Crash Game Features, RTP, and Payouts

Due to the simple nature of the basic gameplay, crash games rarely need (or have room for) additional features and extras. The interface for a typical game of this genre involves a way to set your stake and a button to cash out when desired.

Of course, they’ve been growing in popularity, so a few new things have been added to more modern iterations. For instance, most come equipped with an Autoplay feature. It allows you to set up points at which the game will automatically cash out. For instance, if you set up autoplay on 2x, it will automatically collect winnings every time the rising line reaches 2x. Of course, any rounds in which the line crashes before 2x will lose, but that’s the nature of the game.

The RTP of Crash games varies depending on the specific title and the software provider who made it. Like in slots, there is no easy formula for calculating RTP, house advantage, or similar figures. However, gambling regulations still require all games to display a verified RTP rate.

Most RTP values of Crash games average between 95% and 97%. However, there are titles out there that reach all the way up to 99%. In other words, you can expect similar long-term results as if you were playing slot machines online.

As far as payouts are concerned, things are also a bit unclear. Many games in this genre boast massive maximum payouts reaching well over 10,000 times your initial stake. That said, most cases have a hard limit to how much money you can collect in a single win, such as $50,000.

However, rounds that reach high multipliers are exceedingly rare – so much so that there isn’t much point in discussing them. It is crucial to understand that most rounds in crash games don’t even reach 2x. That’s why it’s important to keep your expectations realistic while playing them. Otherwise, you’ll end up burning through your bankroll with little to show for it.

Popular Examples

So far, most games of this style are extremely similar. The format and game loop don’t leave much room for innovation – unless someone comes up with a genius idea in the future. Until then, however, you mostly just want to pick the one with the highest RTP and useful features. Here are some prominent examples of top crash gambling games.

  • Aviator – We’re not sure if Aviator is the original crash game, but it’s certainly one of the first to rise to prominence. It’s the quintessential crash game, which lead to some players referring to this type of game as “aviator bet games.” Either way, it’s a well-made product by Spribe with 97% RTP and some multiplayer elements. You can play Aviator right now on the Revolution Casino.
  • AviatriX – Although Aviatrix doesn’t do much to differentiate itself from our previous example, it’s an NFT-based product with plenty of added features. Aviatrix gambling games are quickly gaining popularity, so you may wish to check them out as well on
  • Cash or Crash Live – Cash or Crash is a unique attempt by Evolution to adapt the crash formula to a live casino format. It has excellent production value and a very high RTP, but never quite managed to reach the popularity of some other Evolution titles. Still, it’s worth checking out if you enjoy live casino game shows – you can do so right now on PlayOJO.
  • 1000X Busta – One of the earliest examples of gambling crash games that allowed for real money bets – this ‘genre’ has its origins in crypto gaming. It’s a bit quaint for today’s standards, but it’s still a solid entry-level crash game you can play on Casumo.

Crash Gambling Game Tips & Tricks

To be frank, there’s not a lot of strategy advice we can give you for playing this type of game. You have no way of really controlling the outcome. Here are some important points to understand about casino crash game strategy:

  • You can never know when the betting line will crash. It’s determined randomly at the start of the round.
  • You can never know how high the prize will climb. This boils down to the same thing as our previous point, but it’s still important to understand. Don’t beat yourself up if you cashed out early and missed out on a big win.
  • The higher the multiplier, the riskier your bet becomes. Again, this seems quite logical, but it’s a point some players overlook.

Any crash game strategy that works will keep these points in mind.

Now, the safest bit of advice we can give you is to stay humble. Cash-out those low payouts and don’t look back – it’s better to win small amounts than repeatedly lose while hoping for some big score that never comes.

Finally, remember to manage your money. Crash gambling games were designed for a quick turnaround while preying on player greed and overconfidence. You can lose a lot of rounds in quick succession if you’re not careful.

Where to Play Crash Casino Games

Pretty much all top online casinos nowadays offer crash gambling in some form or another. However, here are a few suggestions for reliable picks:

  • Revolution Casino is a modern, future-facing gaming platform that includes some of the best crash games we’ve seen so far. Click here to check out Revolution Casino now.
  • is one of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing gaming brands. Naturally, this means they have innovative gambling games such as Crash – you can check them out here.
  • Mr Play is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to playing slots, and they’ve also added games like Aviator in recent times. It’s a reliable pick for a top casino, and you can check it out here.
  • Cloudbet also has its roots in crypto gambling, much like the Crash genre itself. It leans heavily into emerging trends in the industry – click here to head over and see for yourself.


That covers pretty much everything you need to know about how crash gambling games work. You can now easily find them and see whether they’re for you.

Personally, we find that Crash games can be interesting and unique when done right. However, there’s not a lot of potential for growth – at least not from where we see it. Every round is pretty much on the same loop, and there’s very little variation between both rounds and different games. It can get repetitive quickly, which makes us doubt how long crash casino games will stick around.

Either way, we encourage you to check them out and see for yourself. At worst, you’ll try out a new casino experience. At best, you’ll find top crash games in casinos to be an incredibly exciting experience due to the level of control granted to players.

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