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How to Play Online Slots for Free – Slot Demos Explained

Round Head IconDecember 14, 2022 - CasinoBloke

Some would say that real money is a crucial part of gambling. After all, the possibility of winning and losing hard-earned cash is where a lot of the excitement comes from. Especially when it comes to games like slots, which are completely based on luck. However, considering how many online slots are available these days, you definitely want to test them out before actually risking anything.

The good news is that you can play online slots for free in demo mode. Most of them, at least. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Let’s take a look at how to play free online slots and why you would want to do so in the first place.

Where to Play Online Slots for Free

There are generally two ways to play free slots online. We’ll walk you through both of them and their pros and cons.

Slot Demos

Arguably, the easiest and quickest way to play free slot demos is by going to the official website of the software provider that made it.

Some players (especially new ones) overlook the developer behind the slots that they play. That’s a huge mistake. Remember – the games you play in online casinos are made by software developers, not by the casinos themselves. As such, the quality of any gamer depends on the provider behind it. Always pay attention to this crucial bit of info. The logo of a software provider can tell you a lot about the game and its quality before you even start playing. On the flip side, finding new slots to play can be easier if you just look up the software provider of the games you previously enjoyed.

Back to the topic on hand – a large chunk of slot makers allows you to test out their games for free. That’s not always the case, of course. Sometimes, finding slot demos is harder if you don’t have media access.

However, in many cases, playing free slots is just a matter of navigating to the company’s official website. For example, let’s say you want to play Yggdrasil slots for free.

You can start by heading over to our overview of Yggdrasil software. Scroll down to the widget that contains the general info about the company, and you’ll find a link to the website.

Of course, not even our team at CasinoBloke can hope to keep up with all the releases of all the companies in the world. In that case – Google is your friend!

While we’re on the topic – you can also play Yggdrasil slots for real money on Mr Green, one of the world’s leading casino brands!

Free Slots in Online Casinos

There is another way of going about free slot games. Namely, some online casinos allow you to play RNG games for free. Most of the time, you don’t even have to register!

We say most of the time, but we’re only talking about the best casinos the industry has to offer. You should by no means expect casinos to allow you free access to the games lobby.

However, if your only goal is to play slots free in demo mode, you’ll probably want to avoid unnecessary registration and extra steps. Top casinos understand that this is a great method of promotion, so they’ll let pretty much anyone play the demos of available games.

There are some downsides to this, though. First of all, any country restrictions or similar issues still apply. If a casino site does not accept players from your region, they’ll straight up block you from accessing whether you want to gamble for real money or not. Secondly, not all casinos offer all of the slots out there. In some cases, casinos even fail to include titles of software providers whose other games they proudly feature.

In other words, finding the slot demo you’re looking for can be harder than through the first method we described above. However, it can also be a nice introduction to a casino you’re considering singing up for.

Top Online Casinos With Free Play Slots

Why Play Slots for Free?

Before we wrap up, we’ll cover a few benefits of playing slot demos.

As we mentioned above, free play slots are a great way to test out a game before risking your hard-earned money. There are tens of thousands of online video slots out there, and they vary greatly in quality. We advise everyone to know exactly how a game works before putting up a wager.

Our online slot reviews are an excellent way to find out how a game works and how it compares to the rest of the industry. However, the way a game feels while you play it is not easy to describe. Sometimes, a slot machine that looks perfect on paper just won’t click with you. And that’s fine – everyone has different tastes. Our reviews try to be as objective as possible, but there’s no accounting for taste.

As such, it’s worth it to give the game a few free spins before deciding how to proceed. Who knows – you may find the game better or worse after you actually try it.

Make no mistake, though – real-money online slots are where most of the excitement is. Once you’re ready to start betting, check out our list of top casinos to play slots!

For instance, SlotsMillion is a virtual treasure trove for fans of online slot machines!

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