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The Advantages of Playing at New Online Casinos – Why Established Brands Are Not Always Better

Round Head IconApril 19, 2023 - CasinoBloke

New online casinos may lack the branding power of their established competitors, but they might offer interesting perks and benefits you might not have thought about.

The hunt for the best casinos online never ends. Not for a true fan of casino gaming, at least. The competition is stiff out there, with thousands of sites of all shapes and sizes vying for a bigger slice of the market.

Naturally, most people gravitate towards the biggest and most well-known brands. That’s a reasonable impulse – if a company is huge, successful, and managed to stay in business for a long time, it must be doing something right.

However, we should not disregard small, new companies trying to move into the industry. As we’re about to show, new online casinos sometimes have advantages over their bigger peers. They can offer unique, interesting features and offers that you wouldn’t find in your typical giga-sized casino.

So what are these advantages of new casinos? Let’s find out.

The Perks of New Casinos

Before we dive into the benefits of small casinos, it’s important to understand that the items on our list are not necessarily applicable to every new casino out there. Every site does things differently according to its goals and priorities.

Instead, our list of the benefits of new online casinos is meant to illustrate why smaller is sometimes better. It also highlights a few aspects of casino offers that you may not have considered in the past.

These advantages may include:

  1. Big promotional deals
  2. Innovative features and offers
  3. Superb customer service
  4. Unique gaming experiences
  5. Niche and specialized services

We’ll now go through all of these points and describe them in more detail.

1.      New Casino Promotions

The primary goal of every new casino is to grow its customer base. To do so, however, they need big, bombastic new customer deals that can pull users away from established competitors. Sometimes, these registration offers can be incredibly attractive.

Most new businesses cannot expect profits immediately. In fact, most expect to run at a loss for quite a while before they build up a reputation and a loyal user base. The same applies to casinos, and ambitious new casino sites are very much aware of that. That’s why new casino welcome offers can be incredibly lucrative if you can dig them up.

Look at it this way – casino bonuses are generally devised to look like they’re giving stuff away for free. However, in most cases, the casino isn’t actually losing money. That’s why wagering requirements and similar restrictions exist – to ensure the business doesn’t actually lose money even though they’re giving out bonus funds.

If a new site prioritizes growth above all else, they may take an acceptable loss if it means building up brand awareness and player numbers. Not to sound callous, but a casino’s loss can be our gain.

2.      Innovative Features and Offers

If you’ve been in online gaming for as long as we have, you’ll notice most casinos start to look like each other after a while. At some point you know what to expect – games from the same software providers, similarly-structured bonuses and features, and so on.

In an over-saturated industry like online gambling, standing out from the crowd is one of the biggest challenges every new start-up faces. They have to think outside the box or risk falling by the wayside as just another site trying to copy what the big guys are doing.

Casinos that are already on top of their game don’t have a lot of incentive to innovate. Why fix it if it isn’t broken, as they say? That’s why you keep seeing the same kinds of promotions, games, and site designs across the industry.

For those same reasons, new casinos should always be on the lookout for the “next big thing.” It’s the best shot they have at quickly making it to the big leagues.

3.      Superb Customer Service

A casino that doesn’t have thousands of customers values each customer a lot more. That should make a lot of sense right off the bat.

It’s generally true that it’s easier to trust established brands. They have reputations to uphold, after all, and are highly regulated by multiple licensing authorities.

However, it’s also a fact that not everyone is going to be 100% happy with your service. Once those player numbers start reaching tens of thousands, minor customer service issues tend to fall through the cracks. To be frank, you’ll always be just a number to big corporations, and not everyone’s a fan of that.

On the flip side, small businesses such as young casinos rely on word-of-mouth as their single best marketing tool. Moreover, losing a customer might impact the bottom line much more than for a large site.

If you want to feel truly valued as a customer and rewarded for your loyalty, new casinos are the way to go.

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4.      Unique Gaming Experiences

This point is largely similar to the one we had about innovation. However, it has more to do with casino games themselves than promotions and business practices.

Let’s explain through a hypothetical scenario. Let’s say a new slot software provider enters the market. They have fresh ideas and great games, but they don’t have the branding to spread quickly.

Big casinos won’t have much of a reason to give these games a shot. First of all, they probably already have dozens of partnership deals with software providers. They don’t need new games on the roster. Even if they start offering these games, they likely won’t try to promote them as much as big releases.

On the other hand, new casino sites have plenty of motivation to put fresh content front and centre. As we already noted, small casinos have the incentive to try new things and offer things you can’t find anywhere else.

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5.      Niche and Specialised Services

Finally, we’ll point out the least obvious perk of new casinos – specialisation.

Again, established casinos have established ways of doing things. You can expect them to focus most on the most profitable things.

For instance, slots are the number-one earner for most gaming sites. That’s why most casino lobbies are all about accommodating slots, why most bonuses can only used for slots, and why we see hundreds of new slots released every day.

So if you were to look for a niche product such as, say, bingo, you’ll probably end up noticing you’re simply not the casino’s priority. However, if you find a small casino that focuses on bingo, you’ll find it to be a perfect fit.

The same can be said about many other types of games. Casino poker, multiplayer blackjack, and speciality games – to list but a few.

This same principle can be applied to any aspect of the casino business. If you want one specializing in mobile casino gaming, for instance, your best bet is a newer niche casino. You can read more about this phenomenon in this article.


That mostly covers our opinion on why new casinos are definitely worth your attention. New kids on the block rarely beat big brands at their own game, but they can compete by offering something else entirely.

If you’re interested in finding the perfect new casinos for your needs, check out this page.

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