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What are HTML5 Online Casinos?

Round Head IconUpdated April 22, 2024 - CasinoBloke

Whether you’re an experienced gambler, or you’re just making your first steps in the world of online casinos, you’ve probably heard of the term “HTML5”. It’s a term many often encounter and get used to seeing it around, but only a few understand it. Using HTML5 gives online casinos many advantages, such as improved compatibility, better speed, and more security for their customers.

After ruling web media content for almost three decades, Adobe Flash came to its end in January a couple of years ago. Adobe no longer provides updates and support for Flash, and online casinos using it had to find another way to offer their games. Following the end of Flash, the majority of online casinos have migrated to HTML5. But what does that mean in practice, and what impact did such a move have on players? Stay with us as we answer all these questions.

Basics of HTML5

HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, forms the basis of the World Web. Essentially, it’s a code your browser reads to display the web pages you see and use every day. As a programming language, it’s regularly updated to bring new options and functionalities. As the name suggests, HTML5 represents the fifth version of this language.

Previous versions of HTML5 weren’t so efficient in manipulating audio and video. That’s why developers used third-party software to handle this content. Many online casinos used different programs for managing audio and video, while many of them were slow and insecure. Many online gamblers remember those days.

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At one point, it seemed that every site you visit was asking you to install another piece of software to run correctly. Today that doesn’t often happen, thanks to HTML5. The latest generation of the programming language allows web browsers to process audiovisual content much better, eliminating the need for additional programmes and add-ons.

In short, an HTML5 online casino is a platform that enables gamblers to access it through web browsers on mobile devices. In practice, that means players can enjoy the same quality of games everywhere, no matter what device they use.

Revolutionising Mobile Gambling

Before the introduction of HTML5, enjoying online casino games on a mobile device wasn’t a seamless experience. Since mobile browsers didn’t support third-party software and add-ons, the only way to play was using a specific casino app. That was very confusing for operators, developers, and casino users alike.

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HTML5 made everything less complicated. It successfully handled audiovisual content, and online casinos no longer need to have a dedicated application for mobile devices nor additional programme or add-ons. Gamblers could now enjoy their games straight from their mobile browser, just like they do on a desktop. Online casino sites and their games offered the same quality of experience across all platforms. HTML5 allowed developers to put everything into a single package that worked seamlessly on every device.

Apart from improving the overall compatibility, HTML5 worked better with touchscreens. Before HTML5, playing a game designed for a mouse was a real torment even for experienced players.

More Security for Casino and Their Customers

Security was one of the major concerns with online casinos before the introduction of HTML5. The use of multiple third-party programmes and add-ons for browsers posed a security risk. Developers gave their best to keep their content safe and secure, but that didn’t help much. Security holes were everywhere, and many of them couldn’t be fixed.

We’ve already mentioned Flash. The widely-used Flash add-on was a significant security threat. As the number one target for hackers, it had to be continually updated to fix the list of vulnerabilities. But users had to apply these updates for them to work. Many didn’t.

In its final few years, Flash caused lots of problems for users around the world:

  • Its flaws allowed viruses to enter the computers of unsuspecting users.
  • Flash helped commit various forms of fraud.
  • Hackers used it to steal personal information, steal identities, empty bank accounts, and credit cards.

Switching to gambling content developed using HTML5 enabled online casinos to increase the level of security. HTML5 is constantly being scrutinised by developers, who are always on the lookout for problems that need to be addressed. In most cases, developers fix all issues before hackers have a chance to exploit vulnerabilities in the programming language.

Delivering a Better Gaming Experience

HTML5 has another critical advantage. Casinos and games using it deliver a better gaming experience to their players. The language comes with new functionalities that allow improved audio quality and better graphics and animations. The performance of add-ons and plugins used in the past pale in comparison to HTML5. Apart from providing better looks and feel, the latest generation of this programme languages uses less processing power.

Everything is processed in the web browser without utilising any third-party programme. That means your device will use less memory, which in the end means the design using HTML5 will load significantly faster. Your gaming will run smoothly without any glitches, and you’ll be able to enjoy visuals of the highest quality. All web browsers can render HTML5. In addition to being the system used by web browsers, HTML5 allows every company to design a tool that developers may use later. All in all, it’s more convenient and more comfortable to work with than Flash.

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In the end, HTML5 represents a giant step forward, not only for the online casino industry but also for customers. HTML5 casinos provide a better experience, available to more people, compatible with more devices, making the entire process safer for everyone involved.

The introduction of HTML5 represents a significant step forward, not only for the online gambling industry but also for customers. With games boasting improved audio and visuals, better compatibility, and a higher security level, online casinos got a chance to attract even more customers. On the other hand, they are in for a playing experience older games couldn’t have delivered.

Games using Flash were not dangerous themselves, but it’s the plugin that caused problems. Thankfully, HTML5 changed things around, so there’s no more downloading different apps or worrying about whether your game is mobile compatible. Thanks to HTML5, you’ll be able to visit any online casino and enjoy any title you like, including the best online slots. The future has already started!

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