PayForIt Online Casinos

PayForIt is one of mobile payment options UK online gamers can use to make deposits to the online casino of their choice regardless of the type of their preferred mobile device. That means that PayForIt can be used both by prepaid or postpaid mobile phones users who use any of the UK mobile networks. To fund your account via PayForIt you don’t need a credit card or bank account, as the amount of your deposit will be added to your monthly bill or deducted from your prepaid balance.

If you are curious about how to deposit with PayForIt, stay with us and you will be able to read more about the payment option and its history, the steps you need to make to process your payment and the advantages of using this method. Besides, as your reliable casino guide, Casino Bloke provides you with a list of trustworthy online casinos that accept PayForIt as a payment method. Bear in mind that some casinos may refer to this payment option as Pay by Phone, Boku or Pay by Mobile.

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$2,000 & 100 Free Spins

About PayForIt

SimPay was the consortium founded in Spain with the aim to introduce mobile payments throughout Europe. Its founders from the UK began working on the PayForIt project in 2005 and the service was offered to UK mobile users two years later. When the service was first offered, the customers were required to use their credit cards to complete their payments, but since 2010 everything has changed and today all you need is a mobile phone. You don’t even need a smartphone as all your transactions will be completed via SMS.

Another advantage of PayForIt is that it can be used across a wide range of different network providers. Holding a joined ownership over, EE, 3, O2, Vodafone (and others) expand their services to helping the users fully understand every charge sent to their numbers. Any questions or inquiries can be immediately directed to the relevant customer support  line.

How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals with PayForIt

Pick a reliable gaming venue from our list of the best PayForIt online casinos. Once you have registered with it, go to the deposit section and choose PayForIt as a preferred banking method. If you are trying to make your payments while using your mobile data, Payforit will recognize your mobile number thanks to the Autodetect feature so you won’t be asked to enter it. On the other hand, players who access the casino and opt for this payment method via WiFi connection will be required to enter their phone number so that they can send and receive text messages to confirm their payments.

With PayForIt you can complete your payments of up to £10 per transaction directly on the gambling site by entering the sum and clicking the Confirm button. A text message will be sent to your phone and you should send an SMS back to the service provider with the content received in the text message from it. Upon the confirmation of the payment, you will get another text message informing you that your transaction has been successfully carried out.

PayForIt is not available for withdrawals, so make sure to choose another convenient and safe banking option to clear your winnings.

Unknown Charges?

Probably the most common issue when using non-cash payment tools is being unable to recognize the charge. Thanks to PayForIt structure, you will now be able to easily trace any charge by simply accessing the SMS purchase receipt which contains pretty much all the info one needs in order to contact the online merchant and verify the transaction. Alternatively, you can turn to your network service provider who will then track the charge and provide you with the merchant’s contact details.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are worried about being eligible for the service or how potential problems will be dealt with, you will find that PayForIt has already developed specific strategies for tackling the most common issues an average user might experience.

1. Am I eligible?

As long as you are a UK resident and have a UK number, there should be no obstacles for using PayForIt.

2. How do I trace and record my payments?

Every charge will be confirmed via text message which contains additional seller information, such as phone number and other contact details. It is always strongly recommended to keep all your PayForIt texts (just as you would keep hard copies of your purchase receipts) in case you need any further clarifications of your online transactions.

3. What if there is a discrepancy between the approved amount and the charged amount?

Remember the SMS receipts mentioned above? Well, this is where they come in handy.

4. Should I worry about spam/promotional texts? 

No more so than with emails and only if you subscribe to the seller’s newsletter.

5. What to do with an unsuccessful charge?

The notification and a reason for any unsuccessful transaction will be disclosed to the user. Should you be unable to resolve it by yourself, simply reach out to your network provider and let them do their magic.

6. How do I file a complaint?

If there is any aspect of using PayForIt that you are unhappy with, just contact your mobile network reps and explain the problem. The issue can also be escalated to PSA, the main UK phone bill regulatory body.

Fees & Timeframes

When making payments via Payforit, you don’t have to worry about additional costs as they will not be charged by the casino or service provider and you will have the whole amount you have sent to your casino account at your disposal. As soon as you get the confirmation text message, your funds will be available for placing bets.

Why Use PayForIt

PayForIt allows you to make your deposits in a safe and convenient way without revealing your financial information to the casino and registration of any additional account. The whole procedure is hassle-free as it is completed in a few easy steps and you can control your payments without difficulty due to the fact they are limited to £10 per transaction.

Although the banking method may be not suitable for high-rollers who are ready to deposit larger sums at once, the greatest benefit of PayForIt is its versatility, which allows the user to utilize the tool for different purposes – online gambling being just one of them.