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Visionary iGaming Live European Roulette Review

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Visionary iGaming is not a household name. They are an up and coming studio trying to find its place in the crowded live casino space. It is a tough battle, but they seem well equipped to handle it. Especially if their European Roulette table is anything to go by! The wheel consists of thirty-seven numbers. Thirty-six numbers are split in red and black spots, and a single green zero.

The user interface is designed to simulate a real table as much as possible. It also takes up the majority of your screen. We are not sure we like this. The dealer and roulette wheel end up squeezed between different UI elements. The various statistics pages are useful, and we like their inclusion. However, there should have been options you could toggle instead of being always present.

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Before you launch the table, you will be asked what table limits you want to play with. You can select low, standard, and high limits. Once you choose the limits that suit you, you can start wagering! Select a coin, and then place it on one or more numbers. You can bet on several numbers one by one. Alternatively, you can place one wager that covers multiple numbers.

Bets that cover at least ten or more numbers are outside bets. They cover more numbers but pay less as a result. Meanwhile, inside bets cover up to six numbers maximum. They are less likely to win but pay more as a result. Roulette strategies advise playing outside bets. However, you can play inside bets for a riskier, but potentially more rewarding session.


Unlike many other tables, we were unable to use the racetrack to place special bets. This is not a big flaw. However, Visionary iGaming needs to offer more options if it wants to compete with other developers. If you enjoy playing French and neighbor bets, you will not find them in this release.


The statistics on the right side of the screen do take some getting used to. However, once you get the hang of them, they are easy to understand. It offers useful information if you like to set your bets following hot and cold numbers. You can also set up rebet and auto rebet options if you want to keep playing the same wager.

Outside bets are split into two categories. The first one is even money bets, which cover eighteen of the thirty-seven numbers. These are 1-18/19-36, Even/Odd, and Red/Black. They pay 1:1 when won. The remaining outside bets are columns and dozens, both of which cover twelve numbers total. Their payout is 2:1, slightly better than even money bets.

Inside bets offer better rewards but are riskier to play. The fewer numbers you bet, the better the reward will be. Inside bets and the prizes they grant are as follows.

  • Six line – 5:1, covers six numbers
  • Corner – 8:1, covers four numbers
  • Street – 11:1, covers three numbers
  • Split – 17:1, covers two numbers
  • Straight – 35:1, covers just one number

what we like

  • Three table limit presets
  • Picture in picture displays both dealer and wheel spinning
  • Very detailed statistics page

what we don’t like

  • No side bets
  • The playing field feels too big


Beyond some minor flaws, we enjoyed Visionary iGaming’s European Roulette. It delivers on the fantastic roulette action while adding some interesting things. This is the first time we have seen picture in picture displays used in iGaming, for example. We look forward to seeing where this developer ends up!

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