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Ezugi Reveals New Baccarat Studio

Round Head IconOctober 23, 2023 - CasinoBloke

Ezugi, one of the premier providers of live casino games in the industry, recently refreshed its sizable portfolio of baccarat tables. On top of a brand-new, cutting-edge studio, the UI has been improved to allow better accessibility and sleeker looks.

New Studios for Several Live Baccarat Games

Baccarat is arguably one of Ezugi’s largest games, and the company boasts multiple tables and a strong presence in key markets such as Asia. It should come as no surprise that they decided to improve the existing offer, strong as it already was.

According to Chief Product Officer Fredrik Bjurle, the new studio will stream the following games:

These changes are more than welcome, seeing how most players these days would describe Ezugi as a relatively old-fashioned brand. Don’t get us wrong – their products are solid along the board – but they’re also fairly straightforward, catering to fans of the classics. This simple design philosophy will still be around, of course, but it will look better than ever before.

Refreshed UI and Other Improvements

Alongside the fantastic studio, Ezugi also announced the launch of a brand-new UI. The new user interface is more intuitive, more responsive, and ultimately better-looking than previous iterations. The UI elevates Ezugi baccarat games even further, marking them as some of the best in their niche.

The Casino Bloke is glad to see updates to old releases. In an industry where everyone is clamouring to find the “next big thing”, it’s great to see companies taking the time to tune-up and polish their older products.


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