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Drop Everything and Checkout Wazdan’s Cash Drop over at BitStarz Casino

Round Head IconAugust 18, 2022 - CasinoBloke

Wazdan is back with another exciting slot gaming offer for its players. The visionaries at Wazdan have been providing their fans with unique iGaming content since 2010 and now they have decided to up the stakes on their video slots. Through the illustrious BitStarz casino, Wazdan’s Cash Drop slot offer is on for a month with a €100,000 prize pool.

Dive into Wazdan slots on the BitStarz online casino from August 18th to September 18th for a chance to win the grand prize.

How to Join In

Anyone can join in on the exciting Wazdan Cash Drop. All you have to do is sign up over at the BitStarz casino if you have not done already. Then the fun can start, play any of the qualifying Wazdan slots to qualify for the prizes. There are 145 total Wazdan slots for you to choose from, so pick your favorites.

We have some great options with Miami Beach and our favorite badass archeologist Lara Croft. There you can experience the all-familiar action here in nostalgic PlayStation 1 graphics. Or opt for the fantastic Johnny Bravo and his “Whoa, Mama!” bravado in the Infinity Hero slot. The possibilities are numerous with 145 choices.

The Prize Pool

There will be a whopping 6000 prizes to be shared by Wazdan’s casino enthusiast community. They will be shared in the following manner:

  • €1,000 – 6x
  • €250 – 30x
  • €100 – 80x
  • €50 – 150x
  • €20 – 1,275x
  • €10 – 4,550x

Firstly, all the prizes will be awarded at random so anyone can have a chance for that glorious win. Secondly, you can participate with both bonus money and real money so it is up to you. Enjoy the Wazdan Cash Drop starting August 18th!

Check out the promotion yourself by signing up with the amazing BitStarz casino and participate in Wazdan’s latest Cash Drop.

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