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Casino Punks Slot Review

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Casino Punks is an NFT-themed online slot launched by NetGaming in 2022. The game houses 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 paylines with a 94.40% RTP. This non-progressive slot game also features wilds, free spins, multipliers, and mobile. This game has a jackpot of 2,700x the bet and is available for playing on both desktop & mobile.



The NFT craze seems to be dying down a bit, but there’s no denying it left a deep mark on internet culture. The Casino Punks slot game aims to encapsulate the whole phenomenon. From the wildly fluctuating markets to the silliness of paying millions for simple pixel art characters – it all makes an appearance in one way or another.

Speaking of which, the game’s looks do a great job of translating the whole blockchain community. There are even Bitcoins happily floating in the background, accompanied by a thumping retro-electronic soundtrack.

It’s all quite gripping, but the gameplay is where Crypto Punks really gets interesting.

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The heart of the game is incredibly simple – it’s played on just 3 reels and 3 rows. Your goal is to arrange matching symbols on different reels. If you get three symbols of the same kind across all 3 reels, you get a payout based on the winning symbols’ strength.

However, you have to make these matches across pre-determined lines. This game has 5 such paylines. Basically, all three straight horizontal lines count as paylines, as do straight diagonal ones.

Another key component of Casino Punks is the so-called #WAGMI feature. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice a graph randomly going up or down with each spin. Basically, it thematically simulates the rapid growth or shrinking of a market. Mechanically, it shows a multiplier that is applied to any win you might get. However, the multiplier increases or decreases with each spin, with fluctuations as big as 5x.

As a fun tidbit, #WAGMI stands for We’re All Gonna Make It. It’s a popular term of optimism among the crypto community.

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Casino Bloke Best tips for Casino Punks Slot

  • 1It seems gambling your free spins is a good idea. According to official info, the bonus game’s RTP goes up by about 0.05-0.10% every time you do so. There’s always the risk of being left without free spins, though.
  • 2The #WAGMI feature adds a fun, extra bit of volatility. Because of its progressive nature, entire sessions of playing Casino Punks can be made more profitable with a bit of long-term luck.
  • 3Thanks to the powerful free spins mechanics, using the Buy Bonus feature all the time is a viable Casino Punks strategy.


The first special type of symbol we’ll mention is the Wild. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here – it simply replaces any other regular symbol. You can get a 100x payout if you string together 3, though.

Next up is the Bonus symbol. If three of these appear anywhere on the board at one time, you get a 10x payout kick off Casino Punks free spins. You win 5 free spins by default, but you can gamble for more.

If you choose to gamble, you’ll see a lucky wheel-based minigame. The wheel has 8 green fields and 4 red ones. If you spin the wheel and it lands on green, you get 2 additional free spins. You can then gamble for 2 more to 7, then more for 9, and then again for a grand total of 12.

However, if the wheel lands on a red field at any point, you lose all free spins. Gambling for more is generally worth it, though, according to Casino Punks strategy calculations.

Casino Punks free spins work as you would expect them to. You simply get the number of spins for free, using the stake you used to win free spins in the first place.

#WAGMI also goes crazy during the bonus game. It starts at 5x and can go up to 100x before the free spin round ends.

It’s worth noting that you can buy Casino Punks free spins at any moment. 5 spins cost about 70x the stake – you’ll have to gamble for more as usual.


There’s no way to understate the high volatility of Casino Punks. The base payouts for the regular symbols are seemingly tiny. However, you have to count on the fact that pretty much every win is increased by the #WAGMI multipliers. This is especially true for the free spins round, where multipliers of 50x and more are common.

As such, the nominal RTP of Casino Punks by NEtGaming is quite low at 94.40%, assuming you gamble for 12 free spins. However, it’s quite easy to get surprisingly huge payouts with just a little bit of luck and timing.

what we like

  • Retro-computer theme that fits the concept quite nicely
  • Fun, volatile, and thematically appropriate multipliers
  • Purchasable free spins
  • A gambling feature that actually favours the player

what we don’t like

  • Relatively low RTP
  • Small playing board and limited paylines


Although we rarely give positive reviews for low-RTP games, we have to say Casino Punks hit a cord with us. It was purposefully made to be volatile, and the added layer of multiplier really hammers that point home. As such, the long-term profitability suffers a bit, but the game is excellent for a bit of casual fun.

If you’re looking got NFT slots, Casino Punks fit the niche quite well. You never quite know what you’re going to get with each spin, and it’s hard not to love it.

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