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What is Baccarat Shift 5 System?

Round Head IconJanuary 6, 2018 - CasinoBloke

Baccarat is a casino game with very low house edge and simple rules, both facts being major contributors to its popularity. At the same time, it’s highly volatile, and while one can easily win thousands, they can equally easily lose it all. Passionate gamers have been trying to find a system which would help them beat the odds and as the result came up with nowadays popular betting strategies such as the Martingale, D’Alembert, Fibonacci, the Labouchere, and  “1 3 2 6” system. These will either send you chasing your losses, or theoretically help you profit from short winning streaks while building in a loss limit. But there’s another system which is not so widely advertised, and early adopters report it delivers. Care to find out how it works?

Baccarat Score Follow-up in Shift 5 System

Shift 5 System uses sequences of 5 rounds and does the marking accordingly. Let’s say the game starts with 4 consecutive Player wins, with the 5th round won by the Banker. If we use X to mark outcomes in which Player scores, and O to record wins claimed by the Banker, our score keeping card would look as follows:

Before the 6th round starts, Shift 5 system prompts us to take the initial 5 results and copy them in the second column below the first set. Fields on the left will be used to record results of following 5 rounds, with each matching result marked with “+”, and non-matching one by “-“:

Having played the 10th round, we’ll simply repeat the procedure; take the 5 previous results and copy them to column two, marking the next five on their left and grading them with a plus or minus depending on how they compare.

Recording continues in exactly the same way throughout the game and is simple enough for anyone to implement. But how does it help improve one’s performance?

Baccarat Betting Based on Shift 5 System

The logic of Shift 5 system is to follow the trend until it changes, not in terms of Banker or Player wins, but linked to matching / non-matching outcomes marked by pluses and minuses. When there’s a plus next to the result in the previous 5-sequence batch, in the next one you’ll be betting on the same outcome as delivered 5 rounds back (recorded in the field on the right to the empty one).  If the last indicator you have entered was a minus, you’ll be betting the opposite.

Let’s explain with an example based on the game we already have in progress. Last 5 rounds have been won by Banker twice and Player three times. The last symbol we added was a minus (which means our next bet should be opposite to the base one), and the first round in the previous 5-round sequence was won by the Banker (which means we’ll be betting on the Player). Having done so, Banker unfortunately wins and we lose while marking a plus since the columns match. The plus directs us to next bet on the Banker and we score a win – accordingly marking it with another plus. Next two rounds play in a similar manner until the final 5th loses.

Obviously, you won’t be able to win every single time, but the system has been designed to earn you profits over multiple rounds. Players have reported combining Shift 5 with the Martingale system and achieving positive outcomes after several hours spent at the Baccarat table.

There is only one exception to the above, applied if you happen to lose 4 times in a row. This will be visible from alternating plus and minus indicators, but it’s advisable to keep track with an additional marker.

According to Shift 5 system, the player should now continue applying plus/minus pattern until scoring two identical indicators one after another. This is when the system resumes to its standard mechanics and we keep following recorded indicators linked to results of previous 5 rounds.

Shift 5 Baccarat system is still quite new and will need some time and a few more players to verify that it works as indicated. Why not test it yourself at our recommended Baccarat casinos and potentially become one of the early experts in the new Baccarat betting strategy?

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