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Online Casino Loyalty Programs – Exploring Lesser-known Casinos With Unique Loyalty Rewards

Round Head IconJuly 9, 2023 - CasinoBloke

Sometimes, it seems online casino bonuses are all about attracting new players. It’s understandable to a degree – all businesses want to grow, and expanding their user base is always a priority.

However, there are casinos out there that are more about keeping the regulars around. Some do it through reload bonuses, others through exclusive limited-time offers. However, online casinos with loyalty programs are probably our favourites.

Loyalty programs in online casinos are the gift that keeps on giving. Their basic premise is simple – the more you play at certain casinos, the bigger rewards and privileges you earn. Many casinos out there have some sort of rewards plan, but only a handful are truly fun and interesting. This post is dedicated to lesser-known casinos that have the best loyalty programs.

Of course, a loyalty program is typically only a small part of the freebies available on any casino site. If you want to know more about casino bonuses and where to find them, check out this page.

What Casino Loyalty Programs Can Offer

So what exactly are loyalty programs in casinos, and what are the benefits of opting into them?

For starters, it’s important to note that there’s no exact formula for how casino loyalty programs work. They all have the same goal – to reward players for continuously returning to the same site and playing. However, the execution can vary greatly.

Some casinos keep it simple. They offer prizes such as free spins, free bet tokens, deposit bonuses, and so on. To collect, players have to complete certain milestones. For instance, you may receive free spins if you wager a specific amount over a month.

Other sites get more creative. They introduce ranking systems, point scores, and so on.

Many loyalty programs are “tiered”, which means you can increase your status as a customer over time. For example, if you spend enough at the casino, you may be granted certain privileges such as bigger limits and faster withdrawal times. Once you reach a certain rank, you’ll probably keep the benefits until further notice

A common example would be VIP players who receive slot free spins every month. As long as you keep playing at the casino, you’ll keep receiving free spins every week.

Best Casinos With Unique Loyalty Programs

We can now finally move on to the casinos themselves. Here are some top interesting picks from Casino Bloke’s collection of reviewed and vetted online casinos.


Cloudbet is a specialized crypto casino accepting over 30 cryptocurrencies of all shapes and sizes. More interestingly, however, it has an interesting sort of gamified promotion system. This system affects all aspects of Clodubet bonuses, but we’ll focus on the VIP user scheme.

The Cloudbet Loyalty Program ranks players based on their gaming habits. The more you spend, the more so-called Lightning Points you earn. The more you earn, the higher your VIP rank. The higher your rank, the better the rewards.

For starters, higher ranks earn Lightning Points quicker. These can then be used to redeem bonuses on the Clodubet Marketplace. These are essentially customized perks and bonuses, such as free spins with zero wagering requirements, sports bonuses, and other rewards of your choice. The highest reward is an actual Lamborghini!

While you’re not likely to ever win the Lambo, the ability to pick and choose the rewards you want is invaluable. It’s a great program from a very interesting casino.


Click here to check out Cloudbet and start collecting Lightning Points right now!

Mr Play

The fast-growing Mr Play casino offers one of the most generous loyalty programs out there. It’s not as creative as some of the others on this page, but it certainly packs a punch.

Mr Play loyalty program truly rewards loyalty. Most prizes are relatively short term, and you have to keep playing every day to truly collect the benefits.

The lower-tier rewards include reload bonuses, free spins, and exclusive access to gaming tournaments. However, as you climb the ladder, you’ll find access to increasingly rewarding prizes. Some highlights include bonuses on all deposits, exclusive cashback offers, and weekly free game tokens.

True high-rollers even enjoy personal account managers, monthly cashback deals (on top of weekly ones, mind you), and higher limits. Neat, huh?

Sign up for Mr Play and find out why we labelled it a high-roller’s heaven!


Zetbet is an up-and-coming venue that offers a surprisingly pleasant player experience. One of the highlights of our review, however, has a lot to do with the loyalty program.

On its surface, it’s a fairly standard deal. For every $40 spent, you receive redeemable rewards points. You can use these to get prizes and freebies – no surprises there.

However, the interesting thing about Zetbet loyalty is that the prizes are redeemable as cash. Granted, the initial conversion rate is around 30 points for $1. Not a lot considering you have to spend $1,200 for that. However, this can be significantly improved as your VIP rank grows.

This may sound small, but we have to note a few things. This bonus cash comes with no wagering requirements. You can just collect it as real money and go! That’s a rare treat in the world of online casinos. If you’re not sure what wagering requirements are, you can find more details in our guide to finding good bonuses.


Check out the details on ZetBet Loyalty Program and see why it’s so impressive.

We can hardly call this site lesser-known by this point, but its VIP program is certainly fun. took the world of online gambling by storm, thanks in part to its interesting promotions and gamified rewards systems.

To be frank, it’s difficult to cover everything this site offers quickly. There are dozens of promotions available at any given time. Many of them are not strictly loyalty programs, but they have a similar function – to reward returning players by offering interesting prizes. Here are some highlights.

  • Daily races and tournaments that reward the most active players
  • Weekly giveaways that only require spending a certain amount to qualify
  • Challenges (such as reaching a certain multiplier in a slot game) with prize pools
  • Ranked VIP system with bespoke bonuses, boosts to tournaments and challenges, and more.

It’s a lot to take in, so we suggest trying it out right now. There are many reasons became so successful so quickly, and regular promos are one of them.

Click here to head over to and find out for yourself.


That concludes our highlights for the most interesting loyalty programs in online casino sites. Of course, there are many more offers such as these ones floating around the online gaming space. We highly encourage you to sift through our casino reviews and find out for yourself! However, we can guarantee that the programs listed above stand out as some of the best examples the industry can offer.

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