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BETER Live Baccarat Review

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BETER Live Baccarat is a classic live dealer baccarat table launched in 2021. The game offers player-friendly rules and an optimal RTP rate of 98.94%, allowing players a chance to win up to 200:1. It's available on both desktop and mobile devices.



Anyone looking to play baccarat online faces a number of options, ranging from RNG-based games to live dealer solutions. Those who want an experience as close to real-life casinos as possible without ever leaving their home will definitely opt for the latter. Live baccarat games such as this one were built to bring the casino tables to you.

BETER Live Baccarat takes the well-known formula of casino baccarat and packs it into one sleek, exciting, and accessible online game. At its heart, this is it’ll the same old baccarat you know and love – the rules, payouts, and odds are industry-standard. However, where BETER Live excels is in bringing it all to life. As we’ve explained in our review of this software provider, all of their games are presented immaculately. The video quality is excellent, the sets are all purpose-made to emulate casino floors, and even the interface has small but important features that help you navigate the game.

Our review of BETER Live baccarat will take you through everything you need to know before playing. We’ll cover the rules and basic game flow as well as the RTP, payouts, and features you can find in it. Finally, we’ll offer our opinion on it as a whole, based on our experience as seasoned gamers.

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If you played any live casino baccarat game before, you’ll understand how this one works as well. After all, it aims to be a classic baccarat table, so the rules are what most players would expect. If not, we’ll walk you through how it all fits together.

BETER Live Baccarat uses 8 standard 52-card decks from which the dealer draws cards from a previously-shuffled shoe. There are two main bets, which correspond to two card piles on the table – Player and Banker. Additionally, you can also bet on a Tie and a few side bets.

Your goal is to predict whether Banker or Player will be closer to a total value of 9 after drawing two cards. However, only the last digit of any number over 9 counts towards the score. For instance, a total hand value of 14 only counts as 4. Beyond that, Aces count as 1 while all face cards count as 10, which is effectively 0.

After both piles draw two cards each, a third card may be drawn if certain conditions are met. Player draws the third card on any total of 0-5, while the Banker side draws depending on the Player’s hand total. Additionally, if either Player or Banker has a hand total of 8 or 9 with two cards, the game instantly ends (unless the other side has an equal or stronger hand.) This is called a Natural win.

You can also predict that both hands will have the same value, which is a Tie. If a round results in a Tie, any Player and Banker bets have their stakes returned to them.

Side Bets

The BETER Live Baccarat game offers a total of six side bets. Some of them are essentially mirrored variants that apply to either the Player or Banker side.

  • Perfect Pair wins if the first two cards either Player or Banker draw have the same rank and value. The payout is substantially increased if both piles draw perfect pairs.
  • Player/Banker Pair bets only win if the selected card pile draws two cards of the same rank in its initial two-card draw.
  • Either Pair wins if either Player or Banker draws two cards of the same rank. It pays less than the other Pair bets, but it’s also the likeliest to win.
  • Player/Banker Bonus wins if the Player or Banker wins with a Natural hand and a point difference of at least 4. Player/Banker Bonus bets that win with a bigger point margin receive a bigger payout.

BETER Live No Commission Baccarat

You can also play BETER Live Baccarat without the 5% commission on Banker bets. It’s simply dubbed NC Baccarat.

To clarify, all Banker bets in standard baccarat tables pay a 5% commission on winnings. The reasoning is simple – Banker bets are slightly more likely to win than Player bets, so they pay less.

However, in No Commission Baccarat, Banker bets that win with a hand total of 6 pay 0.5:1 instead of 1:1. All other banker bets pay the same.

You can choose to play either the regular or No Commission variant from BETER Live. Both tables use the same video stream and interface and have largely identical rules. However, it’s worth noting that No Commission baccarat has a weaker optimal RTP than the regular version.

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Casino Bloke Best tips for BETER Live Baccarat

  • 1If you're planning to play Banker bets, stick with the regular tables. They offer better RTP for this specific wager despite the 5% commission.
  • 2Beginners should be careful when using side bets in baccarat because most have a substantially steeper house advantage than Player and Banker bets.
  • 3The one exception in this case is Player Bonus, though it's still highly volatile.
  • 4Similarly, Tie bets are best avoided due to their low RTP of 85.64%.


Most live casino baccarat games have a standard payout structure. There can be some small variance with side bets, but the main moves are identical in almost every table. The same is true for the BETER Live casino baccarat game, which makes it quite competitive with other tables of this kind.

The main Player and Banker bets both pay even money, minus the 5% commission in the Banker’s case.  The RTP for these two bets is 98.76% and 98.94%, respectively. Bear in mind that the Banker bet in No Commission baccarat boasts 98.54% RTP. Also, the Tie bets pays a standard 8:1 with 85.64% RTP.

Player/Banker Pair wagers have a payout of 11:1, while Either Pair and Perfect Pairs boast 5:1 and 25:1, respectively. If both hands draw Pairs, the Perfect Pair bet wins 200:1, which is the maximum payout in BETER Live Baccarat. These side bets have return-to-player rates that vary from 86.29% to 97.35%.

what we like

  • Excellent visuals and studios
  • Fast-paced gameplay with standard baccarat rules
  • Commissioned and No Commission variants available
  • Wide range of side bets

what we don’t like

  • 8:1 payouts for Tie bets


Live Baccarat from BETER Live manages to impress in pretty much every area we examined. The colourful sets and top-notch visuals immediately help set it apart from the crowd, which is quite important for classic tables such as this one. Moreover, a wide selection of side bets and different variants ensure that the gameplay never gets stale.

The only real gripe we have with the game is the fact that Ties pay 8:1. 9:1 payouts are possible and we’ve seen them around. Frankly, though, they’re extremely rare in the live casino industry, so we can’t judge BETER Live too harshly. Besides that one point, the payouts and RTP rates are exactly where you want them to be.

All in all, the BETER Live Baccarat game is perfect for anyone who wants a fast-paced, straightforward table that stays true to the original card game.

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