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BETER Live Gravity Blackjack Review

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Gravity Blackjack is a live dealer blackjack table launched by BETER Live in 2022. The game features a one-to-many system in which all players share the same hand and 99.29% RTP, allowing players to win up to 3,000:1 thanks to random multipliers assigned to side bets. It's available on both desktop and mobile devices.



Gravity Blackjack is a unique, innovative live casino blackjack table hosted by the casino software provider BETER Live. It was launched as an alternative to the same company’s regular blackjack tables – you can find out more about them in our review. Although the two games were made by the same company and are played through the same BETER Live interface, there are crucial differences between them that we’ll explain in this review. These differences are also the heart of what makes Gravity Blackjack so interesting, which is why we’ll start by going over them.

First of all, BETER Live Gravity Blackjack uses a one-to-many system, sometimes also referred to as Common Draw blackjack. This means that all players at the table use the same hand. That said, your decisions are still your own, and everyone makes calls independently of each other. Although it’s not as authentic as the classic 7-seat layout, this kind of design comes with multiple benefits. For starters, the minimum bet in Gravity Blackjack is just €1 – much lower than the usual €5. Secondly, rounds go by a lot faster and the game is much more action-packed.

On top of all that, Gravity Blackjack offers a system of multipliers that can increase your winnings from side bets. This makes it a sort of alternative to multiplier-powered blackjack games such as Lightning Blackjack or Quantum Blackjack. However, the fact that only side bets are affected leaves the core blackjack game intact, which many players will appreciate.

Like all BETER Live games, Gravity Blackjack looks great and plays smoothly, so we won’t spend too much time praising the visuals. All you need to know is that it ticks all of the boxes in terms of usability, set design, and technical implementation.

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The base game of Gravity Blackjack is played like most live blackjack games online. It uses 8 standard decks of cards and industry-standard payouts, so anyone who already knows how to play twenty-one will immediately feel at home. If you don’t, you should start by checking out our beginner’s guide to blackjack.

To play, simply launch the game and use the chips at the bottom to place bets. Click or tap on the chips, and then any of the betting positions to make your wager. If any chips are present on the positions when the betting period ends, your bets are automatically accepted.

You don’t have to worry about table spots or other limitations, either. Gravity Blackjack from BETER live can welcome an unlimited number of players at any time. However, all players use the same hand of cards. As mentioned previously, though, you still have the usual options of Hit, Stand, Double, or Split. You can make these calls independently of what anyone else is doing. For example, if you decide to Stand while another player Hits, the next card dealt does not apply to your hand. This means that you can ultimately have different outcomes despite using the same cards.

Beyond that, the rules of Gravity Blackjack mostly mirror those on regular BETER Live blackjack tables, with a few minor differences. You can Double on any card and even after a Split, but you only draw one card afterwards. However, you cannot resplit and aren’t allowed to surrender early. The dealer always draws to 16 but stands on any 17, and you automatically win if you don’t bust after drawing 10 cards.

Gravity Blackjack Multipliers

The big defining feature of this BETER Live casino game is the side bet multipliers. They’re quite exciting but also easy to understand even for complete beginners.

After the betting period ends in any given round, one randomly selected side bet may receive a multiplier. If you have active bets on this particular side bet, any potential winnings are increased by the multiplier. These increases can be 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, or 10x the base payout.

There are four side bets to choose from, and all four can be affected by the multiplier. Blackjack side bets are already quite high-paying and volatile, but these multipliers can push the rewards up to thousands of times your stake.

Side Bets

So what side bets are available in Gravity Blackjack?

There are four options in total, and they’re quite easy to understand and use. We’ll go through them one by one.

  • Perfect Pair wins if the first two cards you draw are of the same rank. Increased payouts are awarded if the two cards are also of the same colour or suit.
  • 21+3 uses your first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card to make three-card poker hands. The stronger your hand, the bigger the payout.
  • The Lucky Ladies side bet pays out if the cards dealt contain at least 1 Queen or if your first two cards total 20. Payouts can be increased if the two cards are of the same rank, suit, or both. You also get a massive payout if you draw a pair of Queens of Hearts.
  • Dealer Bust wins if the dealer busts by going over 21. The more the dealer’s hand exceeds 21, the bigger the payout, up to a multiplied value of 3,000:1 – the biggest win in the entire game.

Note that the base payouts of all side bets in Gravity Blackjack are lower than what most tables offer. However, the fact that the winnings can be multiplied makes up for this fact. You can find out more in the Payouts section of this review.

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Casino Bloke Best tips for BETER Live Gravity Blackjack

  • 1The side bets in Gravity Blackjack can win huge amounts, but they're extremely volatile and suffer from much lower RTP than the main bet. They're unique and exciting to play, but we recommend caution if you're a beginner.
  • 2Although the side bets in this game draw a lot of attention thanks to the multipliers, you don't have to play them. You can always simply enjoy Gravity Blackjack for the smooth gameplay and low betting limits.
  • 3The multipliers do not affect the main blackjack bet in any way, so you can rely on your usual strategies. We recommend sticking to blackjack charts as the optimal way of playing.


The main Gravity Blackjack game uses the usual payout structure that is probably engrained in any seasoned player by now. Regular wins pay 1:1, Blackjack pays 3:2, and Insurance pays 2:1.

The side bets are where things get interesting. Their base payouts are lower than the industry average if unmultiplied. However, if the multipliers kick in at the right moment, the rewards can quickly climb through the roof.

For example, a simple Pair of same-value cards in Perfect Pairs pays 5:1. It’s one of the most common side bets in blackjack, and it generally pays 6:1 – even on BETER Live’s regular tables. However, the multiplier system means that your winnings for the same result can be increased to 10-50:1, depending on the multiplier. All in all, every possible result of every side bet has a range of possible payouts. You can find a list of all the possibilities in the game’s info panel.

This makes side-betting in Gravity Blackjack a very volatile affair. Blackjack side bets are typically volatile, too, so the effect is compounded. However, the average long-term returns are largely the same as with most live blackjack games. The RTP for each wager is as follows:

  • Main blackjack bet – 99.29%
  • Perfect Pairs – 95.95%
  • 21+3 – 96.38%
  • Lucky Ladies – 94.58%
  • Bust – 93.2%

what we like

  • Wide betting limits
  • Fast gameplay and favorable rules
  • Four side betting options
  • Side bet multipliers that can increase winnings up to 3,000x

what we don’t like

  • Lower RTP than standard BETER Live Blackjack


Gravity Blackjack is another great addition to the BETER Live portfolio. The game works on several levels, which makes it an attractive option for several kinds of players.

First of all, the core twenty-one gameplay is rock solid in pretty much every respect. This is important for multiple reasons. For starters, the whole gimmick of adding multipliers to classic games is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, Gravity Blackjack does not change the main bet in any way. This allows it to be a one-to-many blackjack solution even for those who want nothing to do with multipliers. You can just fire up the game and enjoy the accessible betting limits without ever interacting with the volatile side bets.

However, if the multipliers interest you, the Gravity Blackjack live casino game still offers a great, unique experience. No other game on the market has anything similar – at least not to our knowledge. Blackjack with multipliers is not a completely original idea, but having them affect side bets certainly is. The one downside is that the game as a whole offers weaker RTP than its standard BETER Live blackjack counterpart.

If you’re willing to ignore this small RTP difference in exchange for huge potential payouts and non-stop action, this is the game for you.

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