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Space Miners Slot Review

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Space Miners is a Relax Gaming online slot launched in 2022. The game houses 6 reels and up to 1 million paylines with a 96.47% RTP. This non-progressive slot game also features wilds, bonus games, free spins, scatters, and expanding rows. This game has a jackpot of 50,000x the bet and is available for playing on both desktop & mobile.



The strong theme Relax Gaming’s latest release presents is immediately attention-grabbing. Adorable little aliens are on a mission to mine out asteroids in space, and you’re there to help them.

Even more interesting is how this theme of space mining shapes the gameplay. Space Miners slots have players quite literally dig deeper into the grid to find increasingly rewarding payouts. Successful hits can significantly expand the reels, all the way up to a whopping 10 rows. It’s a fascinating premise, accompanied by strong visuals and a catchy soundtrack.

Speaking of graphics, Space Miners by Relax Gaming looks very similar to Play’n Go’s Reactoonz. Both games are very innovative in their own way, however. Make no mistake – despite the cartoonish aliens acting as symbols, Space Miners is very distinct in how it plays and feels.

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Space Miners starts out as quite simple. There are 6 reels with 3 rows. Your job is to arrange matching symbols from left to right, starting with the leftmost reel. There are no fixed Space Miners paylines – the symbols simply need to be on adjacent reels to record as a win. This means that there are initially 729 ways to win. All of this is a fairly common slot mechanic these days, but the best is yet to come.

As we already noted, you’re here to mine asteroids. In practice, this means that winning symbols will destroy the rock tiles in the blocked rows. Symbols that are part of winning combinations will destroy any blocker tile next to them. You are then awarded an automatic respin whether you destroyed any blocker tiles or not. With every respin, all symbols are removed from the grid, and new ones tumble down to replace them.

This means that a single spin can keep winning for as long as the tumbling symbols keep forming winning combinations. Better yet, the more respins you get, the bigger the further the reels will expand. Destroy enough blockers, and you can end up with up to 10 rows and a million ways to win!

Relax Gaming Space Miners effectively conveys a feeling of “mining” for more rows and better rewards. Especially because multiple matching symbols on a reel contribute to the winnings multiplicatively. This means that opening up more rows increases both your chances of winning and the size of the payouts!

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Casino Bloke Best tips for Space Miners Slot

  • 1If a symbol appears several times on a single reel and forms a winning combination, all of those symbols count towards determining the payout. This adds a wholly new degree of verticality to the gameplay.
  • 2The hit rate is relatively low for a slot like this, as are the payouts. The key for how to win Space Miners is to hit a “hot streak.” In other words, you want to string together multiple wins with a single spin. This will exponentially increase returns.
  • 3If a blocker tile is destroyed during Space Miners free spins, it stays destroyed for any subsequent spins.
  • 4Buying the free spins has an RTP of 97.14%. If you can do so in your region, we strongly recommend it. It’s both fun and rewarding!


This already exciting gameplay is further improved through a lot of extra features.

Wild symbols exist and act as a substitute for any regular paying symbol. Better yet, Wilds always expand to fill the entire reel. This means that they are also handy for clearing blocker tiles and expanding reels.

Some of the most interesting Space Miners features are the Power-Ups. These are randomly generated into the blocker tiles. If you manage to destroy the tile, you get the Power-Up. There are 4 kinds:

Power-Ups can also trigger each other, resulting in even more mining madness.

Last but not least, there are also Space Miners free spins. This feature is triggered by the Bonus symbol. You need to collect at least 3 of them to kick off free spins. Importantly, bonus symbols are collected if you trigger the tumbling symbols. As long as you keep recording wins during a single spin, you have a shot to get the bonus round. Any additional Bonus symbols found during the bonus round will award 2 additional free spins.

The main benefit of this feature is that cleared blocker tiles are still gone for subsequent free spins. Due to how Space Miners works, this can make the bonus feature extremely profitable.

Moreover, you can trigger free spins by paying 100x the stake at any time. However, if you play Space Miners slots from some legal jurisdictions such as the UK, the Buy Feature is not available.


Space Miners slot symbols are divided into two types – the aliens and the minerals they’re mining. There are four kinds of minerals, and they all offer the same low payout.

The aliens come in three levels of payout. Blue and purple are barely stronger than the minerals. Orange and green offer a medium payout, while the big red one offers substantially higher rewards.

All in all, however, a single winning combination won’t pay much. As the name of the game implies, you want to mine the blocker tiles and string together as many wins as possible. Thankfully, every winning combination re-spins the entire board. This means it’s relatively easy to win Space Miners multiple times with a single spin. At least compared to other slots with the tumbling symbols feature, that is.

All of this means that the RTP in Space Miners slots is a decently high 96.47%. Interestingly, buying a bonus round increases the returns to 97.14%.

what we like

  • Exciting, innovative gameplay that rewards winning streaks
  • Fun theme accompanied by cinematic interludes
  • Multiple symbols on the same reel increase winnings exponentially
  • Buying the bonus feature is possible and actually increases Space Miners RTP

what we don’t like

  • Low individual payouts.
  • Surprisingly low hit rate unless you manage to destroy enough blocker tiles.


Relax Gaming’s Space Miners slot game delivers an experience unlike any other. The idea of tumbling symbols is brought to a whole new level, for starters. Instead of just replacing a few winning symbols, you effectively get a free respin every time you win. Coupled with how rewarding winning streaks are, this can make for highly explosive bursts of excitement.

Of course, this highlights the main issue with Space Miners. This sort of game design means that all the excitement is stuck in short but intense moments. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you won’t enjoy this slot game. On the other hand, you can simply trigger the free spins feature at any time. This practically guarantees a winning streak – though the fact it comes at a hefty price tag doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be profitable.

Either way, the Space Miners casino slot is memorable in more ways than one. Online slots that stand out from the crowd tend to be our favourites, though, so we can’t help but love this title.

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