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Lucky Ball Roulette Review

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Lucky Ball Roulette is a live dealer roulette game created by Playtech in 2024. Available in online casinos, the game boasts 97.30% RTP and a special bonus bet that can pay up to 100x. Lucky Ball Roulette is available in all live casinos with Playtech software on both desktop and mobile devices.



The rules of roulette are familiar to pretty much any casino fan out there, largely thanks to the face that they’ve stayed the same for centuries. However, online casino roulette games offer an exciting opportunity to innovate on this successful formula. So far, live casino games have been leading the charge for innovation. Playtech itself is not new to such roulette games either, and its current portfolio includes the fairly successful Quantum Roulette.

Lucky Ball Roulette is similar to the Quantum variant in a few ways. For starters, it’s presented in a showy TV show-like fashion that’s quite fun to watch. Secondly, it adds a new layer of volatility by sprinkling in random multipliers.

However, that’s where the similarities end. Unlike most roulette-based game shows (most famously Lightning Roulette), this game’s multipliers don’t modify existing bets. Instead, a special new type of bet is introduced. It’s called the Fruity Bet and it allows you to wager on unpredictable but unique new features. If you want to more know about how this works, check out the rest of this Lucky Ball Roulette review.

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The basic game loop is similar to most other roulette games in live casinos. This means that you’re looking at a live video feed of a real dealer and a real roulette wheel. You have around 15 seconds to place your bets, after which the dealer spins the wheel.

You can place bets using the interface at the bottom. Click on the chips to determine the size of your stake, then place them on the betting table.

All standard roulette bets are available, ranging from Even Money bets like Red and Black to single-number Straight Up wagers. All of them pay industry-standard rates, too. Speaking of which, Lucky Ball Roulette uses a European wheel layout with a single zero. That’s overall good news because it means the RTP for most bets is up to industry standards.

Additionally, you can open up the so-called Racetrack view to the left to place sector bets, neighbours, and similar specialized wagers.

Beyond that, the only thing that sets this game apart from a standard Playtech live roulette table is the Fruity Bet.

Fruity Bet

You can always locate the unique Fruity Bet at the far left of the betting table, right beside the usual Zero.

At the start of each round, five numbers are chosen randomly on the board and designated as Fruity numbers. These numbers will be highlighted on the table using a purple marker.

If you place a Fruity bet and the ball lands on any of the five Fruity numbers, you win. It doesn’t matter which of these numbers wins, as all five offer the same payout. There are only two possible outcomes for this bet: winning or losing, with no middle-ground results.

Speaking of payouts, the Fruity bet in Lucky Ball Roulette can pay out 3x, 5x, 20x, 50x, or 100x. The specific value is randomly determined after the betting period ends, and it applies to all five numbers. As expected, the most common outcome is 3x, while larger multipliers like 50x and 100x are quite rare.

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Casino Bloke Best tips for Lucky Ball Roulette

  • 1Lucky Ball Roulette doesn't fundamentally change the basic rules of roulette. As such, you can rely on your usual strategies to win.
  • 2The Fruity Bet is fairly risky, covering more numbers than Corner bets but fewer than Line wagers
  • 3However, it also suffers from lowered RTP, so use it with caution.


Lucky Ball Roulette from Playtech offers industry-standard payouts for a European roulette wheel. Excluding the Fruity bet, this means that the most you can win in a single wager is 35:1 for a single-number Straight Up bet. On the flip side, you can keep things safe by betting on something with a roughly 50/50 shot at winning, such as Red or Black.

All payouts in roulette essentially reflect how risky the bet is. The bigger the chance to win, the smaller the payout – and vice-versa. However, every bet has the exact same ratio of risk and reward, which means the RTP is consistent across all types of bets. Most wagers in Lucky Ball Roulette live offer 97.30% RTP, same as most other online roulette games.

However, the Fruity Bet is the obvious exception. According to Playtech’s info, it only has 95.29%, which is a considerable downgrade. However, this special bet also has a chance to win up to 100x. In practice, the Fruity Bet is most worthwhile whenever its payout is highest. Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing the payouts for the Fruity Bet before wagering, so it’s sort of a moot point.

what we like

  • Sleek pub-like presentation
  • Excellent production value and stream quality
  • Unique Fruity Bet sets it apart from other roulette games
  • Standard European roulette wheel layout and payouts

what we don’t like

  • Poor RTP for the Fruity bet


We were very excited when we first picked up Lucky Ball Roulette, for several reasons. Firstly, modified variants of live roulette such as these have been quite successful in the past. Secondly, Playtech chose to do things differently than most of their competition (or most of Playtech’s earlier releases, for that matter.) We applaud them for that, though the final product remains a bit iffy.

The biggest issue with the Fruity Bet is the poor RTP. It might not seem like a big deal, but it feels like playing this special bet is almost a form of self-punishment. Sure, it’s unique and it’s fun, but it will hurt you in the long run. More importantly, it will hurt your banrkoll.

That said, the rest of Lucky Ball Roulette is well-made and engaging, so we have no other major complaints. The game could end up a minor hit if Playtech re-work the math model a bit.

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