Giropay Online Casinos

Giropay is an online payment system introduced in  2005and accounting for about 16% of all transactions executed by German residents via the internet. Giropay allows users to securely purchase goods and services by transferring funds directly from their bank accounts.

The system is currently supported by more than 1,500 banks and available to over 40 million German and Austrian users. It’s fairly well represented within the online gaming scene and Casino Bloke will be happy to point you towards reputable casinos listing it as one of the available payment options.

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About Giropay

Giropay was launched in 2005 by Postbank, the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and the cooperative financial group. In 2014, Giropay and Austrian eps Online-Überweisung made the two systems interoperable so that online shops can use them via a single interface.

To pay via Giropay, one doesn’t have to go through any additional registration processes and obtain new PINs and/or passwords; all that is needed is online banking access data – PIN and TAN. The routine is the same on desktops and mobile devices: you’ll need to select your bank and enter bank details within a safe online banking environment, then type in the code sent via SMS or generated by a secure advice. Having reached the confirmation page, you’ll be redirected back to the seller’s site. If you’re transferring up to €30, the system will normally not even ask for a TAN input, making the payment even more convenient while maintaining high security and privacy standards. Giropay generally supports every TAN procedure used by banks, including iTAN, mobileTAN, smartTAN, smart TAN-plus and chipTAN.

The provider applies high data protection and security standards of the German banking industry. Money transfers are done via the secure online banking environment of your own bank, meaning that your personal details are fully protected. Giropay will never ask you to provide sensitive information such as your PIN, TAN or bank details, nor will it require that you install an additional piece of software or download an app. All transaction pages feature an URL that starts with “https” signifying the company uses SSL encryption with Extended Validation certificates.

Transfer forms are pre-filled with all the merchant’s billing data which saves you from having to do all the typing yourself. The list of bank partners includes Sparkasse, Volksbanken Reiffeisenbanken, Postbank and numerous PSD banks and private banks, including comdirect, Deutsche Kreditbank and MLP Bank. Potential and existing clients in need of assistance are able to use an FAQ list available on the provider’s website or contact their customer support team directly. One can send a query by filling in a web-based contact form or give them a call between 8:00 and 20:00 any day of the week.

How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals with Giropay

Having found a casino that accepts Giropay and choosing it as a funding method, the player will need to enter the amount they wish to deposit and select their bank. They will then be redirected to their online banking login page and prompted to enter their account number and the associated PIN-code.

Subsequently, the bank sends a Transaction Authentication Number (TAN) which is used for confirming the transaction. The bank authorizes the payment and sends funds to the online casino along with a payment confirmation. If the gaming site of your choice also supports Giropay withdrawals, you’ll need to follow the same procedure in order to cash out.

Fees & Timeframes

Giropay will never charge you for their services and your bank will not impose any additional fees for using this intermediary. Standard bank fees differ from one institution to another but normally vary between 0.9% and 1.2%, plus a fixed amount of €0.08 per transaction. Deposits are as good as instantaneous and within minutes you’ll be able to start placing real money wagers.

Why Use Giropay

Giropay enables fast and secure money transfers with no additional registration needed; all that is required is an online banking account with a participating bank. The payment process is familiar and simple, and money transfers executed immediately.

Sensitive information such as PIN and TAN codes are exchanged only between you and your bank so that no third party can access your personal account and purchase details. Some online casinos are accepting Giropay both as a deposit and a withdrawal method and thus saving you from having to choose another payment option when there are winnings to be cashed out.